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What is Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Waterproof Laminate Flooring, also named Aqua floor, flooring laminate waterproof, waterproof wood laminate flooring, which is produced by organic core board, density is about 920kgs/M3. There are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thickness, 12mm waterproof laminate flooring is the best laminate flooring waterproof.
Compared with regular laminate flooring, organic core board is a technological innovation HDF, which is super good at water protection. 
Below is our testing record between regular laminate flooring and waterproof laminate flooring:
500 hours surface water protection1
500 hours surface water protection3
Testing Method:
1. Prepare several planks regular laminate flooring and waterproof laminate flooring, installed the planks together;
2. Prepare two glass sinks without bottom, put them on the top of installed regular laminate flooring and waterproof laminate flooring, filled the sinks with water;
3. 500 hours later, took away the glass sinks, checked the changes in surfaces / locking systems / thickness.
4. The result of the testing is there is no obvious change in surfaces/locking systems/thickness of waterproof laminate flooring, but there is very large variations in surfaces / locking systems / thickness of regular laminate flooring.

Why China Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Laminate plank flooring waterproof, it is innovative generation 100 percent waterproof laminate flooring which can partly replace vinyl flooring.

Organic Core Board

After several years research and test, waterproof core turned out, it is super good at swelling percentage. Formaldehyde emission is CARB II, which is up to California Air Resources Commission Standard.

Water Friendly

Innovation Core makes 100% waterproof laminate flooring. 500 hours surface water protection.

Scratch Resistance

Top is melamine wear layer which makes the surface is very good at scratch resistance.

Pet Friendly

No worry about your Pet’s urine, feces, easy to
 clean up.

Easy clean & maintain

Needn’t spend time to maintain, damp cloth and broom are enough to clean it.

Long Life Warranty

Thickness normally is 8mm and 12mm. We promise 25 years to lifetime residential and 5 to 10 years commercial use.

Hot Selling Aqua Floor Laminate Colors

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Factory & Manufacturer 

In China

Sourcing Aqua Lock Floor From Carsem Floor

 For Contractors & Property Developers

Carsem factory is working with international famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographic, worry-free to Aqua Floor’s design & color matching;
Top ranged quality materials and Advanced equipment lead to stable and qualified Aqua Floor products. Our factory is very experienced at project orders, such as in USA, Canada, Korea, Malaysia etc.

 For Building Material Supermarkets

Carsem’s automatic production lines always can meet your delivery time demand; Factory audit is accepted, such as evaluation from Costco, Walmart, Menards’ etc. Carsem has passed kinds of Certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, Greenguard Gold, Floorscore, CE, comprehesive testings from TUV, UL, Intertek, SGS.
Negotiable terms of payment.

  For Wholesalers

On time delivery, you don’t need wait long time for your order, super high quality Aqua Floor is produced by German automatic equipment;

 For Importers

When you can buy full container Aqua Floor, welcome to talk with us, our Min. order is 1000Sqm. Factory direct price will save more your middle cost and increase your final margin obviously.

Benefits From Your Committed Waterproof Laminate Flooring Factories

  • Wholesale Aqua Floor Price

    Carsem automated equipment increases productivity and significantly reduces labor costs, our factory gives this margin to our clients, we have more competitive price.
  • Fast Production Turn-around

    Continuous automatic production lines increase Aqua Floor’s production speed and efficiency.
  • High Quality laminate flooring and Adequate Capacity

    We have routing inspection and QC people at every laminate flooring production process, we have high level production standard instruction. Strong Production capacity, 300+ workers, 20+ R&D workers, 80000+ M2 production plant.
  • Customized Design

    Carsem Floor is working with famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographica, they are heading the trending of the industry popularity.
    Carsem can supply you support when you need special designs and colors.
  • Free Laminate Flooring Display Boards And Strap Samples Support

    Carsem Floor offers you free Aqua Floor samples for quality testing;
    Carsem Floor offers you free display boards and strap samples when you place order from us.
  • Worry-free After-sale Services

    Our sales team is professional at marketing, just-in-time delivery, documents operation, warehousing and shipment.


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Carsem floor also supply different flooring skirtings board to match with our clients’ flooring colors. Carsem can supply you different kind of skirtings, such as reducer, T-molding, Stairnose, End-cap, Wallboard, Quarter round etc, Carsem can load together them with your flooring products.


Waterproof Underlayment & foam is used to prevent moisture from being spread on the ground before the flooring installation. We have different thickness underlayment such as 2mm, 3mm, and more.



  • What is your Min Order ?

    Our Min. order is 500 Square Meters per color for inventory colors, no more than 4 colors per 20'GP. 

  • Is waterproof laminate flooring easy to install?

    Yes, waterproof laminate floors are DIY-friendly, so you can install them on your own. Most laminate is installed as a “floating floorwhich means you dont need any glue, tape, or other hassles. Keep the sub-floor is flat before installation, interlock the planks together, and go on with your day.
  • How do I clean waterproof laminate flooring?

    To clean your waterproof laminate floors, simply sweep or vacuum up any dust, dirt, or debris. Use a damp cloth to blot up spills.
    In the past, it was recommended to avoid wet-mopping or using liquid cleaning materials on your laminate floor, but waterproof laminate flooring can handle wet-mopping.
    Be sure to clean up any spills immediately to prevent damage to your flooring.

  • Where can waterproof laminate flooring be installed?

    Waterproof laminate flooring can be installed anywhere indoors, and at all grade levels from the basements to the attic.
    If you are installing laminate in water-prone areas, like kitchens, bathrooms, or basements, just be certain not to leave standing pools of water on your floor.
    Shower areas are not allowed.

  • Do I need to buy an underlayment for waterproof laminate flooring?

    Some waterproof laminate floors have an underlay already attached, so you dont need to buy an underlayment for those.
    However,when there is no underlayment attached
    , you should purchase an underlayment to improve the durability, sound quality, and insulation before installation. You may also want to consider a moisture barrier for extra protection from the subfloor.
  • Which is better waterproof laminate flooring or vinyl flooring ?

    When you want to choose a flooring for your home, two choices that you probably will choose: waterproof laminate flooring and vinyl flooring.
    Waterproof laminate flooring is mostly made of advanced technology of waterproof wood fiberboard and interlocking system. Vinyl flooring comes in either sheets or in vinyl plank flooring with interlocking system that is similar to the laminate flooring.
    To make a really good decision, you will want to compare them to see where each of them works the best. Once youve compared them, you will know which one is better and suitable for your home.
    Top 3 Differences between Waterproof Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring
    When comparing waterproof laminate flooring to vinyl flooring, there are several categories to look at: water and heat resistance, durability and maintenance, and cost comparison.
    Lets go through them one by one.
    1. Water and Heat Resistance
    Regular Laminate floorings core is high density fiberboard. When it gets wet it tends to expand and swell. If that happens, you can try to dry it out, but it never goes back to the original shape.
    Waterproof laminate floorings core is high technology waterproof HDF, which can prevent water from entering inside, and there is waterproof coating on the 4-sides click parts each plank, the coating is also advanced technology coating, not regular wax. This kind waterproof laminate flooring will have no expanding or swelling in water for 500 hours.
     Vinyl plank flooring does not have this issue and doesnt expand if it gets wet.
    They are both good at heat resistance and are suitable for floor heating system.
    2. Durability and Maintenance
    Both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are good on durability, but they have their limits.
    Both regular laminate flooring and waterproof laminate flooring are good at scratch resistance and wear resistance. One most important advantage of laminate flooring is wear resistance. When the over layer quality is better, wear resistance is very high, such as AC4, AC5, AC6, which is suitable for commercial usage.
    Vinyl floorings material is more soft, which is also good at wear resistance when the overlay quality is good. However, scratch resistance is not good. It is easy to damage the surfaces hard and sharp objects.
    Both waterproof laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are easy to maintain, mops to clean the surfaces regularly.
    3. Waterproof Laminate flooring VS Vinyl Flooring Cost Comparison
    We can not simply say which cost is expensive and cheaper as they have different thickness, different overlay, different quality raw materials. When we compare these 2 kinds floorings cost, vinyl flooring should be vinyl plank with interlocking system, not sheet vinyl or 1.5mm to 3mm thickness planks as they are thin and low-end flooring.
    Waterproof laminate flooring thickness is 8mm and 12mm excluding pad; interlock Vinyl flooring thickness is from 3.2mm to 5mm excluding pad.
    Generally speaking 8mm waterproof laminate flooring and 4mm vinyl flooring costs are similar, and 12mm waterproof laminate flooring and 5mm vinyl flooring costs are similar.
    Comparison Results
    Both waterproof vinyl flooring and laminate flooring have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.
    Waterproof laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring can be installed for all areas with the greatest risk of exposure to water, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc as they are good at water resistance.  

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