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MFB Flooring Manufacturer in China 

Carsem Floor is a professional Flooring manufacturer with 20+ years, our factory offers high quality, the best price and professional services.
MFB Flooring is the most innovative flooring, more stable, more stronger and real 100% waterproof.

High Quality Manufacturing At Scale

80000+ square meters plant area, 180,000 sqm monthly MFB Flooring production capacity.

Building a Competitive Advantage Through Controlled Quality

we have a whole set of quality management system to guarantee the quality of our MFB Flooring as well as efficient after sale service.

Customized OEM/ODM Service

We can design logo and package for our consumers, print your logo on each piece of MFB flooring as well.

What is MFB Flooring?

MFB Flooring, full name is Mineral Fiberboard Core Flooring, also be called IWF Flooring (Inorganic Waterproof Flooring). It is the most innovative waterproof flooring. It has the most stable performance.
Max Diamond Layer is super hard décor layer containing high wear-resistant molecules, wear resistance is from AC3 to AC5.
MFB core is a new technology material, which includes Fiberglass, Epoxy resin powder, Isocyanate glue. MFB Core's Density: 1450kgs/M3.
Rigid Tensile Layer is to balance the full MFB plank and make the planks flat and straight.
Underlayment IXPE/EVA is recommended as it will upgrade the whole product quality and promote the image definitely.

MFB Flooring Features

MFB Flooring Designs & Colors

MFB Flooring Applications

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MFB Flooring Accessories

  MFB Flooring Skirtings

Carsem floor also supply different flooring skirtings. MFB Flooring skirting material is MDF with decor paper, good match with your MFB Flooring colors.

  Underlayment For MFB Flooring

Underlayment is used to prevent moisture & acoustic absorption and improve underground flatnessfrom before installation. Underlayment options includes IXPE, EVA, EPE, Cork etc.


  • What is MFB Floor ?

    MFB Floor is a new type of waterproof and PVC free floor, high wear-resistant melamine surface.
    MFB Floor is a silicified plant fiber and inorganic cemented composite material with natural resistance. MFB Floor is very stable, which is not affected by heat and temperature changes. MFB Floor is not only wear-resistant, also 100% waterproof and environmental protection. After testing, it meets the highest standards and will not release volatile organic substances, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. 

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