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Chinese Glossy MSPC Flooring Developer & Manufacturer

 Far Ahead In Technology: Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile is new generation MSPC flooring.
Super High Quality: Profit from our unique process and formulation technology, Carsem’s MSPC Flooring performs much better in structural stability and anti-scratching.
Professional Service: Quick feedback within 6 hours; Skilled sales and operators more than 10 years working experience.

What Is Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile?

Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile is the high gloss texture of  MSPC Flooring, also called Glossy MSPC Flooring, Polish MSPC Flooring. Glossy melamine SPC Flooring, which is one of the most innovation MSPC Flooring.
This glossy texture is very similar with Polished Tile, but more easier for installation and not as heavy as real Tile.
The top layer we call it Max Diamond Layer, which melamine decor paper is impregnated by special technology, which makes the melamine paper is super high wear-resistance and anti-scratching. Wear-resistance level is from AC3 to AC4.
SPC core is waterproof and 100% virgin material, greater stability and flexibility than WPC and vinyl plank flooring.
Rigid Tensile Layer which is helpful in balancing the internal strength of the three layers in case of curling problems.

  Special 10+ Advantages Of Carsem Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile

In the continuous efforts and improvement of our R&D team, Carsem Glossy MSPC Floorings have achieved success in the core aspects of technology, our Glossy MSPC Floorings gloss level is more than 100 degree, most of gloss level in the marketing is about 60 to 80 degrees, we have more advantages in the following aspects:

Hot Selling China Glossy MSPC Tile Flooring Colors

As a experienced and professional China MSPC Flooring manufacturer, Carsem Floor supplys hundreds of different colors and designs, as well as kinds of sizes such as 300mmx600mm, 450mmx600mm, 400mmx1200m etc. 
Glossy MSPC Flooring can also be applied to wall decoration. The colors in the list are our hot selling colors, welcome to send us your favorite colors when you can not find in our list, we can do the color matching for you.

Pioneer In Developing, Manufacturing And Improving Of Glossy MSPC Flooring

When we summarize the successful experience of Melamine SPC flooring, we found that our more than 20 years of laminate flooring production experience combined with vinyl flooring production experience is the key factor of our MSPC Flooring's success.
Carsem Floor, as a glossy MSPC Flooring supplier & factory, we tested and failed many times during MSPC Flooring’s research, warping issue and peeling issue were the biggest problem for a long time, our R&D Dept. continued to improve and tested the impregnated technology, finally achieved success.
Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile & Glossy melamine SPC Flooring have real and natural polished tile appearance, more convenient installation makes it is more competitive in marketing.

Sourcing Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile From Carsem Floor

 For Contractors & Property Developers

Our factory is working with international famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographic, worry-free to design & color matching;
As a Glossy MSPC tile & Glossy MSPC Flooring supplier & manufacturer & factory, continues to develop new technlogy is our the most important aim.
Top ranged quality materials and Advanced equipment lead to stable and qualified products.

 For Building Material Supermarkets

Carsem’s automatic production lines always can meet your delivery time demand; Factory audit is accepted, such as evaluation from Costco, Walmart, Menards’ etc. Carsem has passed kinds of Certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, Greenguard Gold, Floorscore, CE, comprehesive testings from TUV, UL, Intertek, SGS.
Negotiable terms of payment.

  For Wholesalers

Advanced innovative products such as Glossy MSPC Tile & Glossy MSPC Flooring can help you win the market volume in advance definitely.
Our factory has been devoted to the research and development of new products and designs, Carsem always pays attention to the industry trends, the demands in different markets, and keeps ourselves at the forefront of flooring industry.

 For Importers

When you can buy full container Glossy MSPC Tile & Glossy MSPC Flooring, welcome to talk with us. Factory direct price will save more your middle cost and increase your final margin obviously.
Carsem Floor, as a professional MSPC Flooring and Glossy MSPC Flooring supplier & manufacturer, top quality and reasonable cost will help you win your business.

Benefits From Your Committed Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile China Factory


  • Wholesale Price of Glossy MSPC Tile

    Carsem Floor has automated equipment from Homag and Haokai, which increase productivity and significantly reduces labor costs widely, our factory gives this margin to our clients, therefore we have more competitive price.
  • Fast Production Turn-around

    Automatic production lines increase production speed and efficiency, our lead time is short and quick.
  • High Quality Flooring And Adequate Capacity

    We have routing inspection and QC people at every production process, high level production standard instruction. Strong Production capacity, 300+ workers, 20+ R&D workers, 80000+ M2 production plant.
  • Customized Design

    Carsem Floor is working with famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographica, they are heading the trending of the industry popularity.
    Carsem can supply you support when you need special design and colors.
  • Free Glossy MSPC Tile Display Boards And Strap Samples Support

    Carsem floor offers you free samples for quality testing; 
    Carsem floor offers you display boards or strap samples free of charge for your marketing development when you place an order to us.
  • Worry-free After-sale Services

    Our sales team is professional at marketing, just-in-time delivery, documents operation, warehousing, shipment.

Still Not Finding What You're Looking For?
Contact Our Consultants For More Available Products.

Customize Your Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile From a Chinese Manufacturer


Customized Patterns and Colors

Glossy MSPC flooring is marble and tile appearance. Carsem Floor also offer customized colors and patterns according to clients' samples.​​​​​​

Customized Sizes

Carsem Floor offers customized tile sizes glossy MSPC Flooring. Welcome to talk with us when you need special sizes.
Customized Thickness
Carsem Floor factory's popular thickness range is from 4.5mm to 5mm. We also can produce other thickness according to clients' requirement.
Customized Application
Glossy MSPC Tile can also be applied to wall decoration instead of wall panels.Compared with marble wall panels, glossy MSPC Tile is more easy to install and economical. 

Innovative Technology

Our R&D Dept. is always committed to new and better flooring technology research and development, make efforts to create a flooring which is more satisfied with people’s need, more adaptable to different environments and countries.  

Accessories Of Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile


Carsem floor also supply different Flooring skirtings boards to match with our clients’ flooring colors. Carsem can supply you different kind of skirtings, such as reducer, T-molding, Stairnose, End-cap, Wallboard, Quarter round etc, Carsem can load together them with your flooring products.


Underlayment for MSPC Flooring is used to prevent moisture from being spread on the ground before the flooring installation. We have different thickness underlayment such as 2mm, 3mm, and more.


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