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The First Factory to Produce and Sell Painted True Grout SPC Tile in China

Innovative Spirit & High Quality :Our factory is the first factory for production and sale of Painted True Grout Line SPC Tile, which is a technical innovation.
Quality First is our business philosophy, all the floorings are 100% tested and inspected before packing and shipment.

What is SPC Grout Line Tile?

The Product material is SPC Flooring, the different between regular SPC flooring is the bevel treatment of the 4 sides of SPC Flooring Planks.
Trucore Tile, Tile Grout line SPC Flooring, Pure Grout SPC Flooring, True Grout SPC Tiles are all same as SPC Grout Line Tiles.  SPC Grout Line Tile looks the same as real Grout line Tile but touches warm and comfortable.

Why True Grout SPC Tiles ?

  • Click system makes it easier to install SPC Grout Line Tile, so easy!
  • Grout line is on the SPC Tile Flooring, no need to paint Grout Line.
  • SPC Grout Line Tile looks the same as real Grout Tile/Marble.
  • True Grout SPC Tile is not as heavy as real Grout Tile/Marble.
  • True Grout SPC Tile doesn’t need polishing maintenance after installation.

  10+ Advantages of Grout SPC Line Tiles

Popular Selling China Grout  Line SPC Tile Colors

Benefits From Your Committed SPC Grout Tile Flooring Manufacturer


  • Wholesale SPC Grout Line Tile Price

    Carsem Floor has professional painting machinery for SPC Grout Line's painting. Automated equipment increases productivity and significantly reduces labor costs, our factory gives this margin to our clients, we have more competitive price.
  • Fast Production Turn-around

    Carsem Floor has many automatic production lines, which increase production speed and efficiency widely, our lead time is about 2~4 weeks.
  • High Quality SPC Grout Tile And Adequate Capacity

    Carsem Floor has routing inspection and QC people at every production process, and high level production standard instruction. Strong Production capacity, 300+ workers, 20+ R&D workers, 80000+ M2 production plant.
  • Customized Design of Laminate Flooring

    Carsem Floor is working with famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographica, they are heading the trending of the industry popularity.
    Carsem can supply you support when you need special laminate flooring design and colors.
  • Free Display Boards And Strap Samples Support

    Carsem floor offers you free samples for quality testing and order confirmation; 
    Carsem floor offers you display boards or strap samples (50 sets ) free of charge for your marketing development when you place an order to us.
  • Worry-free After-sale Services

    Our sales team is professional at marketing, just-in-time delivery, documents operation, warehousing and shipment.
    When you have any questions during our cooperation, our sales can give you quick response within 6 hours.

Learn Grout Line SPC Tile

Carsem Floor is one of the most professional SPC flooring factories in China. We are the first factory in China who use painting on the bevel treatment of SPC Tile Flooring. The grout line is more wide than regular painted bevel which normally is 2.5mm to 4mm width.
Advanced painting equipment has high production efficiency. It is very high quality painting material for the grout line which makes the whole products looks natural and the color is very strong and lasting long time without fading and peeling off.
Strong Production capacity, 80000+ M2 production plant, 300+ skilled workers, 20+ R&D staff, and professional sales & marketing staff.

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  Revolutionary Innovation Products

  Customized Designs

Carsem is working with famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographica, they are heading the trending of the industry popularity. Carsem can supply you support when you need special designs and colors.

  Customized Sizes

Except for regular size options, Carsem also can supply customized sizes/thickness/packages according to your inquiry.

  Customized Textures

Carsem has different textures for wood/tile/carpet designs, we also can produce roller/steel plate, just show us your request.


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