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Carsem Floor, SPC hybrid flooring factory is an ultra-modern facility in China that covers an area of 80000+ square meters. Our Hybrid flooring are manufactured by the most advanced equipment including 80 units of hot press machine, 15 extruding lines, 3 UV coating lines, 6 sawing equipment from Germany Homag and Haokai, 5 painting lines and 5 padding lines. As manufacturer of hybrid flooring, our R&D Dept. is always committed to technology research and development. As China best quality SPC hybrid flooring manufacturer, all our factory’s Hybrid flooring are 100% quality control and 100% inspected before package. Carsem Floor factory has passed Floorscore, Greenguard Gold, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications. Carsem Floor can also help in OEM SPC hybrid flooring manufacturing if you have other special requests.

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Hybrid waterproof flooring is floating hybrid flooring with click lock, different thickness options, such as 5mm & 6mm & 6.5mm &7mm & 8mm & 8.5mm & 9mm & 9.5mm & 10mm, 12mm hybrid flooring etc. Hundreds of hybrid flooring colours can be chosen in our factory. Carsem floor also supply hyrbid flooring trims, hybrid flooring edge trim, hyrbid flooring scotia, hybrid flooring staircase, hybrid flooring underlay, hybrid flooring cutter, installation kits.
Choosing Carsem as your wholesale hybrid flooring supplier allows you to reduce your operating expenses while enjoying the benefits that our hybrid flooring can give you. Our innovative technologies to produce high-quality SPC hybrid flooring that can meet the industry standards. With 20+ years in hybrid flooring manufacturing, you can trust us for your different requirement. Carsem Floor factory also manufactures other hybrid flooring as below except for SPC Hybrid Flooring.
Wholesales should be confident in Carsem hybrid flooring manufacturing because they are made from 100% virgin and high-quality raw materials. Also, if you need something not on the list, feel free to get in touch with us. We can assist you in customizing hybrid flooring.

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Supply Hybrid Flooring Wholesale In Wide Variety 

As one of China’s most experienced wholesale SPC hybrid flooring and SPC hybrid flooring suppliers, Carsem Floor supply you with affordable hybrid flooring guaranteed to be of high quality. When you want to wholesale SPC Hybrid flooring, buying directly from hybrid SPC Flooring factory is your wisest choice. Our waterproof hybrid flooring come in a wide variety of designs, colours, sizes, and thickness to accommodate every client’s different requirements. Popular Hybrid vinyl flooring colours includes oak hybrid flooring, grey hybrid flooring, white hybrid flooring, dark hybrid flooring, blackbutt hybrid flooring, spotted gum hybrid flooring, chevron hybrid flooring, black hybrid flooring, stone & concrete look hybrid flooring etc. Contact us and get a quote, you will get quality hybrid spc flooring and competitive price !

What is Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof hybrid flooring and hybrid click flooring, combines the durability & strength of laminate flooring and the soft & appealing look of luxury vinyl planks. It is a fantastic floating hybrid flooring which is perfect for Australian homes, suitable for all areas of the house (including the kitchen, and other wet areas).
The top layer is a UV-coating and wear layer, the second layer is a decorative print with the desired design, and third layer is a composite core board that is super high density & waterproof and more structural stable. Finally, there is an acoustic backing that increases foot comfort and reduce noise reduction. 
Hybrid flooring thickness range normally is from 5mm hyrbid flooring to 12mm hyrbid flooring. Hybrid Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of colours and designs that perform like durable timber hardwood planks or tiles.

  Hybrid Flooring Features

Carsem Floor, one of leading China Hybrid flooring manufacturers and factories, each production process has very strict manufacturing requirement and standard, all our hybrid waterproof flooring are the best Hybrid Flooring. Below are the main benefits of Carsem Floor's Hybrid Plank Flooring, but not limited to that.


  • Is Hybrid flooring Pets Friendly ?

    Hybrid flooring Pros: waterproof, easy to clean and mantain, stain resistant and affordable. Hybrid flooring are inexpensive options for pet-friendly flooring.

  • How much does it cost to lay down Hybrid Flooring?

    Hybrid Flooring Purchasing Cost
    There are kinds of hybrid floorings available in the market, price is different which depends on brands, thickness and quality.The cost range is between 30$-65$ per square meters.The cost is much lower when you import directly from Chinese hybrid flooring factory.
    Cost Of Installing Hybrid Flooring
    The cost of installation depends on the installer you employ,or whether you decide to do it yourself.Cost ofinstallation is generally around $30 per square metre for floating floor installation.
    If the subfloor is not very even,it will be necessary to do a subfloor levelling job which can incur extra costs.The prices vary significantly depending on the subfloor situation and will likely require an expert to conduct an on-site inspection.The majority of hybrid floors have a maximum threshold of 2mm difference across one diameter of subfloor.One in three homes in Sydney require some form of subfloor levelling jobswhen installing hybrid flooring.Whether you will make cost savings is dependent on the evenness of your subfloor,as hybrid flooring installation requires a very even subfloor.

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