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Carsem Floor is a professional SPC Flooring manufacturer with 20+ years.
As a leading SPC flooring supplier, our factory offers high quality and best price for our customers.

High Quality Manufacturing At Scale

80000+ square meters plant area, 80 units of hot press equipment 15 extrusion lines, 3 UV coating lines, 6 sawing equipment; 5 painting lines; 5 padding lines. 1,000,000+ sqm monthly adequate production capacity.

Building a competitive advantage through controlled quality

we have a whole set of quality management system to guarantee the quality of our products as well as efficient after sale service.

Customized OEM/ODM Service

We can design logo and package for our consumers, print your logo on each piece of SPC flooring as well.

Sample Kits and Promotion Material Support

All consumers who order SPC flooring from us, we supply samples kits or display boards samples free of charge for marketing support.

SPC Flooring Manufacturer Benefits

Quality inspection
carsem floors lab
SPC Flooring installation
Carsem floor's lab testing
SPC Flooring's thickness measurement
  • Large Scale Production Capacity

    1,000,000+ sqm monthly adequate production capacity.
    Our SPC flooring are manufactured by the most advanced equipment including:
    80 units of hot press equipment;
    15 lines of extrusion production machinery which includes 5 lines for extruded registered emboss textures;
    3 lines of UV coating;
    6 sawing equipment from Germany Homag and Haokai, one line of Homag equipment can produce Unizip herringbone flooring;
    5 painting lines for edge bevel treatment, one of them can produce SPC Grout Tile;
    5 padding lines.

  • 20+ Years' Experience Of Manufacturing And Exporting

    Carsem Floor has been focusing on manufacturing, innovation solutions and serving consumers worldwide since 2002. Our SPC Flooring products are selling to more than 60 different countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Korea, Chile, Australia, Middle east, South-east Asian countries etc.

  • Strict Quality Control

    we have a whole set of quality management system to guarantee the quality of our products as well as efficient after-sale service.
    All SPC Flooring products are 100% quality control and 100% inspection before package.
    All the workers are skilled workers with 5+ years flooring production experience.

  • Free Strap Samples & Display Boards Support

    Carsem Floor offers you free samples for quality testing;
    Carsem Floor offers you display boards or strap samples free of charge for your marketing development when you place order to us.

  • Hundreds of Oversea & Domestic Project Experience

    Carsem Floor has supported hundreds of high-quality projects in USA, Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, as well as different provinces in China.

SPC Flooring Manufacturer Videos & Plants Pictures

Carsem Floor is a professional manufacturer, designer and innovator of SPC flooring with global influence.
We also supply all kinds of PVC Vinyl flooring, Including Glue down LVT ,Click LVT, SPC flooring ,Looselay LVT flooring, Herringbone flooring, and Diamond SPC lifeproof vinyl floorings.

Wholesale SPC Flooring Designs

SPC flooring comes in a wide variety of designs & colors & sizes & thickness and affordable prices to accommodate different consumers’ requirements. Wholesale SPC vinyl flooring, buying directly from professional SPC Flooring factories is your wisest choice. Contact us and get a quote, you will have high quality SPC Flooring with competitive prices !
As a SPC flooring manufacturer, Carsem Floor offers SPC Flooring in various styles and textures so that you can find the perfect style for your business or projects. 

Customize High Quality SPC Flooring From CARSEM FLOOR


Customized Designs & Colors

Thousand color and design choices such as spc wood flooring, spc tile flooring, grey, white, dark colors etc. Carsem Floor also offer customized colors and patterns for client's samples.​​​​​​​

Customized Sizes

Offer customized sizes SPC Flooring except regular sizes. Welcome to talk with us when you need special sizes such as plus XL, Fishbone, Herringbone SPC Floorings etc.

Customized Thickness 

Popular SPC Flooring thickness is from 3.2mm, 4mm to 6mm. We also can produce more thicker, as well as lightweight SPC Flooring with 1600kgs/M3 density.

Customized Textures 

Offer unique registered embossments which make SPC Flooring more natural and vivid in appearance.

Innovative Technology 

Our R&D Dept. is always committed to new and better flooring technology research , make efforts to create more satisfied flooring with people’s need.

What is SPC Flooring?

What does SPC Flooring stand for ? 

SPC Vinyl flooring is an upgraded version of engineered vinyl flooring. SPC Flooring, which full name is Stone Plastic Composite, “S” means Stone, “P” means plastic, “C” means composite, is made by combining a robust plastic composite with carbonate additives to forge the strongest possible core and the best waterproof flooring material.
SPC flooring thickness range normally is from 4mm rigid SPC flooring to 12mm SPC flooring. SPC plank flooring is available in a wide range of colours and designs that perform like durable timber hardwood planks or tiles.
SPC flooring is one kind of waterproof SPC vinyl plank flooring with click system, it is formaldehyde free flooring, more better dimensional stability, environmental protection, easy maintenance and easy installation.
Pure SPC flooring is suitable for all the world’s indoor installation. 

  Special 10+ Advantages Of China SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring

Carsem Floor, one of leading Rigid SPC flooring manufacturers, each production process has very strict manufacturing requirement and standard.
Below are the main benefits of Carsem Floor's luxury SPC Flooring, but not limited to that.

  Various Waterproof SPC Flooring Sizes Options

Carsem Floor is the best SPC waterproof flooring manufacturer, our factory supply kinds of SPC Flooring includes different thickness & sizes & textures and colors. 
Other sizes requirement please contact us.

SPC Flooring Accessories

  SPC Flooring Skirtings

Carsem floor also supply different flooring skirtings  such as SPC skirting board, pvc skirting board, HDF & MDF skirting board, which to match with our clients’ flooring colors. Skirtings’ colors are same your flooring’s. Just let us know each Quantity of skirtings you need, we will supply and load together with your floorings.

  Underlayment For SPC Flooring

Underlayment for spc flooring is also called foam, used to prevent moisture from being spread on the ground before the flooring installation. Before installing spc flooring, we need lay flooring foam firstly. We have different thickness underlayment such as 2mm, 3mm, and more.


  • What is SPC Flooring?

    SPC flooring is an upgraded engineered vinyl flooring. The invention of this innovative technology has had a profound impact in flooring industry.
    This technology is the SPC core (rigid core) material production method, it is produced by extrusion, and density is higher than regular vinyl flooring, which is up to 2000kgs/M3.
    SPC Flooring’s performance:
    SPC vinyl is becoming one of the most popular floors to install for a variety of reasons.
    100% virgin material
    It is produced by virgin raw materials, which is good for product safety and click strength.
    100% waterproof
    Some floorings such as hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, they can not be installed at high moisture places, spc flooring can be installed anywhere in the rooms.
    Insect prevention, mildew proof
    No worry about the high moisture in the room, you can install spc flooring in anywhere according to your inquiry.
    Better dimensional stability
    As it is new innovation technology, which makes the products more stable in high temperature and big temperature change condition.
    Stronger click system
    As spc plank flooring’s density is 2000kgs/M3, it is very strong core makes the click is very strong.
    Recycled & ECO friendly
    There is no formaldehyde, no heavy metal, VOC emission is very small, it is very friendly products for home decoration.
    Easy for maintenance and cleaning
    You needn’t spend time to do maintenance, wet mop is good enough to clean it the surface is dusty.
  • Is SPC flooring Toxic?

    Carsem’s SPC flooring is non-toxic definitely.
    Carsem’s SPC flooring is produced by 100% virgin PVC resins, Carbonates, stabilizers.
    There is no glue in whole production, therefore it is formaldehyde free.
    There is no recycled materials in our SPC Flooring Formula, therefore it is heavy metal free.
    Our SPC vinyl floorings have Certificates and Test Reports from different agencies such as SGS, Floorscore, Greenguard, TUV, Intertek etc.
    eco friendly

  • Is SPC flooring 100% water proof?

    SPC Flooring’s raw material is PVC Resin and carbonate, it is 100% flooring.
    SPC flooring can be installed at high moisture environment, such as kitchen, bathroom. However, SPC Flooring is not suitable for shower room as the alternating hot and cold water will cause SPC flooring’s expanding & shrinkage issue.

  • SPC Flooring's Advantages

    Compared with Laminate Flooring:

    • SPC flooring is waterproof; 

    • SPC flooring is more environment friendly (No formaldehyde); 

    • SPC flooring color is lasting as UV coating on the vinyl flooring; 

    • SPC flooring’s touch feeling is more soft and comfortable. 

    Compared with click PVC flooring: 

    • SPC flooring Click is much more stronger than Vinyl flooring, which is very important for installation; 

    • SPC flooring Click Size stability is much better than Click vinyl flooring. Absorption is less;

    • SPC flooring Cost is less than click vinyl when the thickness is the same;

    Compared with WPC flooring:

    • Absorption rate is almost 0% .

    • Density: ≥2000kgs/M3. WPC’s density is about 930kgs/M3.

    • Size stability is much better than WPC flooring.

  • SPC Flooring pros and cons

    SPC flooring also has several names such as Rigid Core, Rigid LVT, SPC vinyl plank.
    SPC flooring was created to replicate the look of real natural wood, natural tile, but performance is similar with luxury vinyl plank floors.
    SPC Flooring Pros:
    Wood flooring is not waterproof, our SPC flooring can be produced almost same as real wood looking. It can be installed in kitchen, bathrooms, and high moisture places.
    Wide color range options
    Most of spc flooring factories, they have hundreds of color options which to meet international clients’ requirement. No matter what kind of design and color you need, we can do it on spc flooring.
    Budget friendly
    Generally speaking, spc flooring is more affordable than real natural wood flooring and it can provide the same natural wood looking. You can DIY installation to save installation cost.
    Durable and long lasting
    Our factory can guarantee at least 15 years. With proper maintenance, SPC vinyl flooring can last to over 20 years.
    Easy to clean and maintenance
    Young people are very busy nowadays, they need work at daytime, normally they don’t have much time to do housework. Then SPC flooring is your best choice, All you have to do is to sweep and damp mop occasionally and it will be sufficient to keep your house clean.
    Dimensional Stability
    From -20 degree to 80 degree, SPC flooring has stable performance. It means that it be installed widely no matter what climate the country is.
    Formaldehyde free
    Environmental protection idea is the theme of the day. We don’t want any materials to damage our health. SPC Flooring is one of the most safety flooring materials. You need not worry about the formaldehyde emission problem.
    Termite Proof
    The countries and areas with high climate is very serious at termite proof materials and products. Real wood and fibreboard materials are very risky to have termite when the floor and condition are high moisture and wet.
    SPC Flooring Cons:
    Compared with other flooring products based on same thickness, such as laminate flooring, wpc flooring, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, spc flooring is heavier as the density is 2000kgs/M3 which is much more density than other flooring products.
    Therefore, we don’t recommend too thick. More suitable thickness is from 3.5mm to 6mm.
    More expensive than regular laminate flooring
    SPC flooring is considered a luxury vinyl flooring, therefore, the material cost is higher than regular laminate flooring.
    Hard surface
    As SPC vinyl plank flooring’s density is super high, therefore the touch feeling of the top surface is more hard, not as soft and resilient as regular vinyl flooring.

  • Does spc flooring need underlayment ?

    This is very good question. We also searched on internet, but there is no professional answer to be honest.
    We are factory, we have accumulated a lot of experience in installation in recent years, because our consumers come from all over the world.

    About this question, it is not accurate to answer yes or no as it depends on which country and area in which SPC Flooring in installed.

    • SPC Flooring thickness is not as thick as other floorings such as hardwood, engineered flooring, laminate flooring, WPC flooring, then it has more higher requirements for ground flatness.

    • Self-leveling on the ground is very necessary special in south-east Asian countries and areas. It is very easy to have installation problems when the under floor is not flat.

    • Normally we recommend underlayment when you install SPC Flooring, this is very helpful for uneven floor condition. Underlayment can improve SPC Flooring’s ability to absorb sound. It can also make the SPC Flooring feel better to walk on and can prevent several problems from occurring.

    • Some of SPC Floorings have underlayment on the backing, such as EVA/IXPE/Cork, if so, it is not necessary to put underlayment on the ground any more. The backing underlayment has the same effect on reducing noise and improving foot feeling.

  • How to Install SPC Flooring ?

    There are several click systems of SPC Flooring. Simply speaking, one is angle-angle, another one is drop lock.
    Firstly, let’s learn how to install angle-angle click SPC Flooring, below is the drawing of the installing method:

    In case of an uneven floor, place underlayment. Set spacers of equal thickness, appropriately distanced, for the required expansion gap.
    It is very important that the first row is installed straightly. To realize this, installation alternates back and forth between rows one and two, for the first two rows only. Start with a small plank and position this plank close to the wall.
    Now take another plank SPC Flooring, angle the short side of plank 2 on to the short side of plank 1. Make sure there are no gaps.
    Take the 3rd plank SPC Flooring, angle the long side of plank 3 on to the long side of plank 1 and plank 2.
    Use the same method to install more pieces from left to right. Angle degree is 15 to 20 degree which is the best angle for installation.
    Measure the distance and cut the planks during installation.

    Secondly, let’s learn how to install Drop Lock click SPC Flooring?181129 Installation instruction 3L & C4U V10_页面_1
    181129 Installation instruction 3L & C4U V10_页面_2

  • How to clean SPC Flooring ?

    Though the cleaning of SPC flooring is simply and easily, take some maintenance into account is still good to keep the long service life.
    First Cleaning After SPC Flooring Installation:

    After SPC Flooring installation, be sure to clean the entire room in time to ensure that the room is clean. Although SPC Flooring is waterproof, do not sweep SPC Flooring unless it is completely dry to avoid streaks due to dirt.
    Regular and Daily Cleaning of SPC Flooring:
    Use a wet mop and dishcloth for daily cleaning.
    Deep Clean of SPC Flooring:
    Below tips for cleaning SPC Flooring:
    • Remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or soft bristle broom before wet cleaning;
    • Use a damp rag cloth or damp mop be squeezed for everyday care;
    • Rub longitudinally with respect to the direction of the rod;
    • Make sure that there is no water left on the floor and it can be completely dry in a short time, you can use a dry mop or dry cloth to remove excess water;
    • Use neutral detergent and cleaning pad brush to remove stains, then wipe clean with water
    What should we pay attention to when cleaning SPC Flooring?
    • Avoid mocio brushes that could leave even dirt residue
    • Don't use ammonia products, bleach, chemical agents
    • Don't use wax soap or polishing products, detergents, abrasive cleaners
    • Avoid using boiling water or steam cleaning tools.

  • What are other names of SPC Flooring ?

    SPC Flooring also has other names, such as  rigid core, rigid core flooring, rigid core luxury vinyl flooring,rigid core vinyl plank flooring, rigid core vinyl plank,rigid core waterproof flooring, Rigid LVT, rigid lvt flooring, rigid Core LVT etc. 
  • What are the disadvantages of SPC flooring?

    Not super scratch resistant;
    Thinner material doesn't have as much cushioning underfoot, compared to a hardwood flooring or laminate flooring, WPC flooring;
    Needs to be applied to a flat underground floor;
    Cannot be installed in outdoor spaces;
    Cannot be installed at shower areas;
    Loud noise when there is no underlayment before installation, this is because the hard density of the material.
    Heavy weight compared with vinyl flooring, WPC Flooring, laminate flooring and wood flooring.
  • What are the advantages of SPC flooring?

    100% waterproof;
    Formaldehyde Free;
    No heavy metal when you buy SPC Flooring from qualified suppliers;
    Strong click system when you buy SPC Flooring from good quality suppliers;
    Anti-Slip as it is emboss textures;
    Insect Prevention; 
    Mildew Proof;
    As the high density materials, SPC Flooring is more better at impact resistance;
    Compared to ceramic tiles, wood flooring, etc., D.I.Y installation is also a major trend in floor covering material;
    Easy to clean & Maintain.
  • Is SPC vinyl flooring good?

    Ultra-durable: As density is higher, the material is heavier, the quality is better, that makes SPC flooring the most durable vinyl flooring option out there.
    Realistic wood and realistic stone looks: Top-end vinyl floors mimic natural materials better than ever before. SPC vinyl is the cream of the crop, so the visuals are usually incredibly convincing and beautiful.
  • Is Spc better than LVT?

    Dent Resistance – Traditional LVT floors are soft and pliable, which means heavy furniture can easily dent the material.
    SPC core is more higher density, will be more resilient when it comes to dents and abuse. It is a great option for commercial settings due to this reason.
  • What are the disadvantages of SPC flooring?

    None is perfect.
    Although SPC Flooring has many advantages, There are still several disadvantages.
    1. SPC Flooring is not good at scratch resistance. Compared with laminate flooring and vinyl flooring, SPC flooring is slightly weaker.
    2. SPC Flooring's thickness is from 3.2mm to 6mm generally (not containing padding). Thinner material doesn't have as much cushioning underfoot compared to other floorings, such as laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, WPC Flooring and bamboo flooring.
    3. Before Installing SPC Flooring, flat ground is more important, self-leveling floor ground is necessary. Otherwise, it is risky to have installation problems including height difference, gap and warping issues.
    4. SPC Flooring is installed in indoor spaces, cannot be installed in outdoor spaces.
  • Can you use a steam mop on SPC flooring?

    The answer is 'No'.
    Steam cleaning is very handy as you are able to clean, sanitize and dry quickly all at once without using chemical cleaners. But, here's the catch… The hot steam is actually doing more harm to SPC flooring.The hot steam will be very hot more than 80 degree, it will easy to damage the surface and structure stability of SPC Flooring. 
  • Is SPC Flooring good for living room?

    What is your concerns for living room flooring ? Durability, longevity, and ease of installation?
    If so, SPC flooring is a great choice. This luxury SPC flooring can reproduce the look of natural materials without the extra cost and upkeep.
  • Is SPC flooring long lasting?

    Durable And Long-lasting
    Don't be surprised to find SPC flooring can actually last 20 years over if it's well maintained. That is also why some big brands of SPC flooring is able to provide warranties of 15-20 years and above.
  • Is Spc better than tiles?

    SPC flooring belongs to resilience material. Compared with tiles, it is comfortable and soft touch, and its thermal insulation property is also better. Meanwhile, its resilience is better than tiles, without cold feeling and with good feet feeling.
    SPC Flooring is floating flooring with click system, which is suitable for D.I.Y installation, more easier installation than tiles;
    SPC Flooring is not as heavy as tiles;
    SPC Flooring is not as fragile as tiles, tiles normally needs more careful during transportation.
  • Do I need underlayment for SPC flooring?

    Before installation, it is important that the sub floor is clean and free from dirt or debris.
    SPC flooring core is very high density, it is very hard. Underlayment is necessary for installation when there is no underlayment on the back of SPC Flooring.
    Underlayment can act as a buffer to reduce noise, as well as moisture-proof.
  • Can SPC flooring be used in kitchen?

    SPC flooring is an excellent choice for the kitchen. All of our SPC flooring products are 100% waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Does SPC flooring fade?

    While WPC, LVT and SPC floorings will eventually fade, they do not do so fast. As a matter of fact, these flooring score moderately when it comes to fade resistance. This is because they have a UV coating treatment that keeps their color from fading fast.
  • Is SPC flooring termite proof?

    SPC flooring is not produced using any wood material, making it 100% termite proof and Insect Prevention.
  • Is SPC Flooring the same as LVP and vinyl flooring?

    Similar to LVP/Vinyl flooring, SPC is a vinyl flooring material that has a rigid core made from powdered limestone, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers is also completely waterproof, resistant to scratches, easily installed and durable. All the decor films can be used for SPC as well as LVP and vinyl floorings.
    SPC Flooring core is more high density, therefore, it is more harder;
    LVP and vinyl flooring core is more soft;
    SPC Flooring is floating click system flooring, therefore the thickness normally starts from 3.2mm;
    LVP and vinyl flooring thickness normally starts from 2mm. 
  • Who manufactures SPC flooring?

    CARSEM FLOOR is the first group manufacturers to produce SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring in China.
  • Is SPC flooring good for bathrooms?

    Unlike the standard vinyl flooring and hardwood floors, SPC has a 100% waterproof quality, contributing to its durability. It can also be comfortably installed in moisture-heavy areas like the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen but not shower area.
  • What does SPC flooring mean?

    SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite, features a core that is typically comprised of around 60% calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers and stabilizer. Density is about 2000kgs/M3, which is very strong and stable materials. It is 100% waterproof floating flooring.

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