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Learn Unizip Herringbone SPC Flooring Manufacturing

Unizip herringbone SPC flooring’s locking system is latest click system, patented by Unilin licensing company. 
Unilin invented a locking profile that makes it possible to lay a herringbone floor with only one type of panel. The Unizip profile positions the tongue and groove around the panel in such a way that the short side of the panel can be locked into the long side of the adjacent panel, without having to compromise on locking strength. Unizip is available for all main types of flooring.
Unizip SPC Flooring Herringbone is produced by Homag Equipment from Germany,which is very high precision and more stable production performance.

Why Choose Unizip China Herringbone SPC Flooring?

Carsem Floor produces unizip herrngbone SPC Flooring, as well as regular herringbone SPC Flooring and Finshbone SPC Flooring. 

Compared with regular herringbone SPC Flooring, there are below advantages: 
  • Only one type of panel;
  • No plastic inserts & No glue;
  • Quick & Easy installation
  • Less Installation Cost

  Unizip China Herringbone SPC Flooring Available Sizes

Carsem Floor, one of the most professional china herringbone spc flooring suppliers, we have kinds of size and thickness options of herringbone SPC Flooring. 

When you need special size, please contact us.

Benefits From Your Committed 

Unizip China Herringbone SPC Flooring Manufacturer

  • Wholesale Herringbone SPC Flooring Price

    Carsem automated equipment increases productivity and significantly reduces labor costs, our factory gives this margin to our clients, we have more competitive price.
  • Fast Production Turn-around

    Automatic production lines increase production speed and efficiency, our lead time is short and quick.
  • High Quality flooring and Adequate Capacity

    We have routing inspection and QC people at every production process, high level production standard instruction. Strong Production capacity, 300+ workers, 20+ R&D workers, 80000+ M2 production plant.
  • Customized Design

    Carsem Floor is working with famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographica, they are heading the trending of the industry popularity.
    Carsem can supply you support when you need special designs and colors.
  • Free Display Boards And Strap Samples Support

    Carsem Floor offers you free samples for quality testing;
    Carsem Floor offers you free display boards and strap samples when you place order to us.
  • Worry-free After-sale Services

    Our sales team is professional at marketing, just-in-time delivery, documents operation, warehousing, shipment.

Hot Selling Unizip SPC Vinyl Flooring Herringbone Colors

Carsem Floor, as a leading china herringbone spc flooring factory, we supply wholesale herringbone spc flooring prices and free samples. Thousand of colors and shades, more sizes options. Welcome to contact us for herringbone spc flooring quotation.

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  Revolutionary Innovation Products

  Customized Designs

Carsem is working with famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographica, they are heading the trending of the industry popularity. Carsem can supply you support when you need special designs and colors.

  Customized Sizes

Except for regular size options, Carsem also can supply customized sizes/thickness/packages according to your inquiry.

  Customized Textures

Carsem has different textures for wood/tile/carpet designs, we also can produce roller/steel plate, just show us your request.

SPC Flooring Accessories


Carsem floor also supply different flooring skirting board to match with our clients’ floorings. Skirtings’ colors are same your flooring’s. Just let us know each Quantity of skirtings you need we will supply and load together with your floorings.


Underlayment for spc flooring is used to prevent moisture from being spread on the ground before the flooring installation. We have different thickness spc flooring underlayment such as 2mm, 3mm, and more.



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