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How to Clean & Maintain SPC flooring ?

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SPC Flooring, as a trending waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring, there are many advantages, such as 100% waterproof, easy D.I.Y installation, high-wearing feature, affordable cost, etc, SPC vinyl plank flooring has very stable performance in wet areas and high-traffic areas.

Though cleaning SPC flooring is simply and easily, take some cleaning & maintenance into account is still good to keep the long service life. So here we give you some SPC flooring maintenance & clean tips here:

how to clean SPC Flooring


Remember that regular cleaning of the surface prevents the accumulation of dust and prevents dirt from gaining consistency;

1. First Cleaning After SPC Floor Installation

After completing the works that can be restoration or modernization, it is advisable to clean the environments that have undergone this change.

Use a bucket of warm water and a mild neutral detergent.

2. Regular cleaning & maintaining of SPC flooring

The best way to clean SPC flooring is with a damp cloth or paper towel. This will remove any dirt, stains and debris that may be on the surface and make it easier for you to maintain your floors in between deep cleans. Cleaning surfaces frequently will help keep them shiny and beautiful over time.

1).Put carpets at the entrance to the room to stop girt, debris, etc. from entering, this method can help the floor avoid scratches by the solid substances.

2).Use the Vacuum cleaner without clap to remove dust and loose dirt.

3).Broom and remove loose dirt with soft bristles.

4). Anti-static cloth to mop the SPC flooring.

3. Deep Clean of SPC Flooring

For the SPC floor of private residences with low traffic, we recommend wet cleaning at least once a week; and places with high traffic may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

The SPC vinyl floor is waterproof but it is always better to prevent water from stagnating.


1. Never use water-based cleaning products on your SPC Flooring.

Water-based cleaners can penetrate the top layer of vinyl which means those chemicals are sitting right next to where people walk all day long, causing potential health risks! It’s important not only how often but what kind of cleaner you’re using when cleaning your SPC flooring because this has an impact on its longevity as well.

2. Do not drag heavy furniture directly on the floor.

You must lay cardboard over the area and use an appliance hand truck to move.

Equip the furniture and chairs with the appropriate felt pads to be placed under the feet, to avoid possible scratches.

3. Do not sweep a SPC vinyl flooring unless it is completely dry to avoid streaks due to dirt.

4. Do not use detergents, wax soap,cleanser that contains a surfactant, abrasive cleaners, ammonia products, bleach, chemical agents or polishing products such as “mop and shine” products. These may leave a dull film on your SPC Flooring.

5. Highly abrasive scrubbing tools are not recommended as they can damage your Flooring’s surfaces.

6. Do not use a dirty mop to sweep the floor.

7. Never use a wire brush or a steel brush to scrub the floor, or it may damage the coating of the vinyl flooring.

8. Avoid using boiling water or steam cleaning tools to clean SPC Vinyl Flooring.

9. Avoid long time direct sunlight on the SPC floors.

Because heat and sunlight can cause fading or discoloration to the SPC flooring. Although the UV coating of the SPC Flooring surfaces is good at anti-UV, this is still necessary to keep the long service time.Consequently, always remember to close the curtains whenever the sunlight is hitting the floor.

Can I Wax The SPC Flooring?

Actually, you don't have to wax SPC vinyl flooring. The SPC vinyl floor doesn't require wax.

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