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Our Advantages

  • factory

    Original Factory​​​​​​​

    Carsem Floor Self-owned factory, all the materials are super quality virgin materials;Our automated equipment increases productivity and significantly reduces labor costs, shortens lead time and gives our clients more competitive price;Thousand of color options, also we can do the color matching.
  • innovation


    Our R&D Dept. is always committed to new and better flooring technology research and development, we are working with equipment factory, raw material factory, design company and other efforts to create a flooring which is more satisfied with people’s need, more adaptable to different environments and countries.

  • quality-control

    Quality Control

    All our factory’s products are 100% quality control and 100% inspection before package.
    All the workers are skilled workers with 5+ years flooring production experience.
    Our sawing equipment is Homag brand from Germany, which has higher precision and more stable performance.

  • Customized-Design

    Customized Design

    Our factory is working with famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographica, they are heading the trending of the industry popularity.
    Carsem can supply you support when you need special designs and colors.

Carsem Floor Hot Selling Flooring

Carsem Floor offers the best quality floorings at the most competitive prices. Our waterproof vinyl SPC Flooring and laminate flooring carry a limited 25 years & lifetime warranty for residential environments and a 10 years warranty for commercial environments.
As SPC Flooring and laminate flooring manufacturers China, Carsem Floor also keeps on environmental sustainability concept. Our factory helps our clients increase market share, create more margin and more innovative technology and professional services.

Carsem Floor Revolutionary Innovation Products

Carsem Floor is a leading revolutionary innovation flooring factory in China, we are a pioneer in the development of resilient vinyl flooring and waterproof laminate flooring. We are using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment, offering our clients the most exciting flooring designs and colors. Carsem Floor keeps on pushing forward to create the most advanced, attractive flooring and wall panel products.

Also called Aqua Floor,Waterproof laminate flooring is a technological revolution in the flooring industry, Swelling rate is ≤5% for 12mm and ≤6% for 8mm.

MSPC Flooring's top layer is advanced technological melamine paper, which makes the surface has very good performance in wear resistance and scratch resistance.

This is also called True Grout SPC Line Tile, which is produced by advanced UV coating with imported painting. Real marble & tile apperance but warm and comfortable feeling.

Glossy MSPC Flooring Tile is Polished tile appearance, but more easier to install and remove compared with real Polished tile. Glossy MSPC FlooringTile is suitable for both floors and walls.

Unizip Herringbone SPC Flooring, no need for distinguishing A&B panels during production and installation; More easy installation and removing.

Unizip Herringbone Laminate Flooring, no need for distinguishing A&B panels during production and installation; More easy installation and removing.

Sourcing  Floorings From 

Carsem Floor

  For Flooring Wholesalers

When you are wholesale rigid spc flooring, wholesale waterproof laminate flooring, you find the right factory. Our factory’s competitive prices can help you win the market volume definitely, fast lead time, you don’t need wait long time for your products, super high quality is produced by German automatic equipment.

 For Contractors & Property Developers

Our factory is more than 20 years experienced commerical click spc flooring manufacturers, we are working with international famous design companies such as CD, Dominic, Tecnographic, worry-free to design & color matching;
Top ranged quality materials and Advanced equipment lead to stable and qualified products. Our factory is experienced at project orders, such as in USA, Canada, Korea, Malaysia etc.

 For Building Material Supermarkets

Our factory has automatic production lines which can always meet your delivery time demand;
Factory audit is accepted such as Costco, Walmart, Menards’ evaluation requirements;
Professional Technical improvement team;
Certifications such as Greenguard Gold, Floorscore, ISO14001, ISO9001, CE;
Comprehensive testings from TUV, UL, Intertek, SGS;
Quick actions within 6 hours;
More Stable and super high quality level supply capacity;
Negotiable terms of payment.

 For Importers

When you can buy full container flooring, welcome to talk with us, our Min. order is 1000Sqm. Factory direct price will save more your middle cost and increase your final margin obviously.

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

“Never forget those clients who helped you grow in your development”.

Carsem Floor helps our clients increase market share, create more margin and more innovative technology and services.

From Product Developing to Manufacturing

CARSEM FLOOR's Comprehensive Capabilities

Established in 2002, Jiangsu Carsem New Materials Co., Ltd is one of the most professional Chinese flooring factories with 20+ years of production and export experience.
As a trustable and dependable flooring manufacturer, quality is always the core, innovation is our life force.
20+ years production and marketing experience is our greatest treasure. Our floorings are selling to different countries all over the world. Our clients like our quality, accept our service.

Why CARSEM FLOOR Customers Are Covering All Over The World?

Large Scale Production Capacity

1,000,000+ sqm monthly production capacity;
500,000+sqm monthly SPC Flooring capacity;
300,000+sqm monthly MSPC Flooring capacity.

Innovation Development Ability

Our factory has R&D Dept. is focusing on improving technical research, our products quality is more stable and high quality level than most of others.

Full Sets Of Certifications & Testings

Our factory has Floorscore, Greenguard Gold, CE certifications, pass ISO 9001, ISO 14001 management system certifications, testing reports from UL, SGS, TUV, Intertek etc.

20+ Years Production  Experience

Started from 2002, only focus on flooring business, our sales & operation team is also professional and have rich operation experience.

Free Display Boards Samples Services

All the clients who order flooring & wall panels from us, we supply display boards or strap samples free of charge for your marketing development.

OEM/ODM Service

We can design logo and package for our clients, we can put our clients’ logo on each piece of flooring, box, and back padding.

CARSEM FLOOR Projects Gallary

2014 Los Angeles Laminate Flooring
2015 Copenhagen Coffee Shop-WPC Flooring
2016 Gwangsan-South Korea Laminate Flooring
2017 Atour Hotel Nanjing-Vinyl Flooring
2020 Restaurant Texas-SPC Flooring
2021 Changzhou-SPC Flooring


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Carsem’s SPC flooring is not toxic definitely.Carsem’s SPC flooring is produced by 100% virgin PVC resin, Carbonates, stabilizer. There is no glue in production, therefore it is no formaldehyde free. There is no recycled materials in the material, therefore it is no heavy metal. Our SPC vinyl floori

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They are all waterproof and click system flooring.

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