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How to avoid buckling problems of SPC flooring after installation ?

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SPC Flooring is made by combining a robust plastic composite with carbonate additives, which is very popular waterproof flooring, people prefer to choose it as it has more competitive cost compared with click LVT, and 100% waterproof compared with laminate flooring

Some users have problems after installation, such as Buckling, Arching.

Below very important points can help you avoid bulcking problems after installation:

1. Reasonable Formula. Every factory has their own formula for SPC production. Some factories change the formula which is to reduce the material cost, such as reducing plastic resin proportion, adding more carbonate powder etc. When some factories give you very low price, please ask a question: why ?

2. Click system. Please remember that the tightness of click system is not fixed, professional factories will adjust the tightness according to what countries and regions SPC Flooring is used in. The click can be more tight to cold countries/regions, however, the click system must be little loose to tropics such as South-east Asian countries, India etc.

3. The subfloor flatness. SPC Flooring thickness is not as thick as laminate/engineered/hardwood flooring. Flatness of subfloor is very important because it has less thickness tolerance. We recommend self-leveling mortar before installation.

4. Coordinating Transition Moldings. Installations of the flooring beyond 10 meters (any single direction) must use a T-Molding to release stress from the floor and allow the floating installation to properly expand and


5. Expansion Space. An expansion space of 10mm must be left around the perimeter of the room and at all vertical obstructions. More orless spacing may be needed depending on the geographical region, interior climate, and or time of the year. Your SPC flooring WILL move/shrink/expand. This is a normal occurrence of flooring products.

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