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MSPC Flooring VS Ceramic Tile

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MSPC Flooring is an innovative and new SPC core material Flooring product.

Its structure is Max diamond layer (melamine decorative paper with wear layer +SPC rigid core+ tensile balance paper, formed by cold pressing. MSPC Flooring is 100% waterproof with click system.

Ceramic Tile is also 100% waterproof,  Ceramic tiles are typically made of clay, talc and sand, all combined in an appropriate ratio. 

They are light-weight and workable. However, due to their properties, there are some restrictions in their application. Ceramic tiles are perfect for walls, but because of their low resistance to fracture and their ability to easily get scratched, they would not work well on floors. Also, due to their high absorbency rates they cannot be used outdoors.

Compared with MSPC Flooring and ceramic tile, the main differences are as below:

Weight of MSPC Flooring : 2.0g/m3; Weight of Ceramic Tile: 2.5g/m3;

Installation method of MSPC Flooring: Click system
Installation method of Ceramic Tile: concrete, sand and water
Installation cost of MSPC Flooring: USD4~USD5/M2;
Installation cost of Ceramic Tile: USD20/M2;
Installation time of MSPC Flooring: 4-5 M2/Hour;
Installation time of Ceramic Tile: 1 M2/Hour.

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