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SPC Flooring pros and cons

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SPC flooring also has several names such as Rigid Core, Rigid LVT, SPC vinyl plank.

SPC flooring was created to replicate the look of real natural wood, natural tile, but performance is similar with luxury vinyl plank floors.

SPC Flooring Pros:


Wood flooring is not waterproof, our SPC flooring can be produced almost same as real wood looking. It can be installed in kitchen, bathrooms, and high moisture places.

Wide color range options

Most of spc flooring factories, they have hundreds of color options which to meet international clients' requirement. No matter what kind of design and color you need, we can do it on spc flooring.

Budget friendly

Generally speaking, spc flooring is more affordable than real natural wood flooring and it can provide the same natural wood looking. You can DIY installation to save installation cost.

Durable and long lasting

Our factory can guarantee at least 15 years. With proper maintenance, SPC vinyl flooring can last to over 20 years.

Easy to clean and maintenance

Young people are very busy nowadays, they need work at daytime, normally they don’t have much time to do housework. Then SPC flooring is your best choice, All you have to do is to sweep and damp mop occasionally and it will be sufficient to keep your house clean.

Dimensional Stability

From -20 degree to 80 degree, SPC flooring has stable performance. It means that it be installed widely no matter what climate the country is.

Formaldehyde free:

Environmental protection idea is the theme of the day. We don’t want any materials to damage our health. SPC Flooring is one of the most safety flooring materials. You need not worry about the formaldehyde emission problem.

Termite Proof:

The countries and areas with high climate is very serious at termite proof materials and products. Real wood and fibreboard materials are very risky to have termite when the floor and condition are high moisture and wet.

vinyl plank flooring installation

SPC Flooring Cons:


Compared with other flooring products based on same thickness, such as laminate flooring, wpc flooring, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, spc flooring is heavier as the density is 2000kgs/M3 which is much more density than other flooring products.

Therefore, we don't recommend too thick. More suitable thickness is from 3.5mm to 6mm.

More expensive than regular laminate flooring:

SPC flooring is considered a luxury vinyl flooring, therefore, the material cost is higher than regular laminate flooring.

Hard surface:

As SPC vinyl plank flooring's density is super high, therefore the touch feeling of the top surface is more hard, not as soft and resilient as regular vinyl flooring.

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