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Spc Flooring vs Luxury Vinyl Plank

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SPC Flooring's Production Process

  1. Extrusion / Hot Pressing 

  2. UV coating 

  3. Click Sawing (Click System)

  4. Bevel Painting (Optional)

  5. Padding (Optional)

  6. Packing 

  7. Inspection & Testing

  8. Warehouse 

Luxury Vinyl Plank's Production Process

  1. Batching & Mixer System 

  2. Hot Press PVC Layer 

  3. PVC Layer UV Coating 

  4. Cutting 

  5. Click Sawing (Click System)

  6. Bevel Painting (Optional)

  7. Padding (Optional)

  8. Packing 

  9. Inspection & Testing

  10. Warehouse

Common Points of SPC Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Planks:

  • Both 100% waterproof;

  • Both have click system;

  • Environment friendly (No formaldehyde);

Differences Between SPC Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Planks:

  • Click strength:

SPC flooring Click is more hard and strong; LVT click is more resilient and soft;

  • Dimensional Stability:

SPC flooring stability is much better than Luxury Vinyl Planks;

  • Formula Difference:

SPC flooring formula is more Carbonate and less PVC resin;

Luxury Vinyl Planks formula is more PVC resin and less Carbonate;

  • Touch Feeling:

SPC flooring is more hard; Luxury Vinyl Flooring is more soft.

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