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Top 10 China Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

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Laminate flooring originated in Europe and entered China in the 1990s. The rapid development of laminate flooring only took 3 years in China. 

More and more Chinese laminate flooring manufacturers have appeared, and the spirit of Chinese businessmen's hard work and innovation is particularly evident in laminate flooring factories.

Laminate flooring is becoming more and more abundant under the efforts of Chinese manufacturers.

More Laminate Flooring thickness:

7mm Laminate Flooring

8mm Laminate Flooring

10mm Laminate Flooring

12mm Laminate Flooring

13mm Laminate Flooring

15mm Laminate Flooring

More Laminate Flooring Textures:

Registered Embossment Laminate Flooring

High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Hand scraped Laminate Flooring

Distressed Laminate Flooring

Embossment Laminate Flooring

Uses of Laminate Flooring:

Commercial Laminate flooring

Residential Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Designs:

Wood Look Laminate flooring

Tile Look Laminate Flooring

Carpet Look Laminate Flooring

Wear Resistance of Laminate Flooring

AC3 Laminate Flooring

AC4 Laminate Flooring

AC5 Laminate Flooring

What's more, China laminate flooring factory developed Pressed bevel treatment, which is a technological innovation.

After several years of mixed market tests, some China laminate flooring factories that really take quality, service and innovation as their cores have begun to rise, so there are the following 10 best laminate flooring brands manufacturers.


Der Floor has a leading production scale in the Asia Pacific region. As a China laminate flooring supplier, it has set up production bases in Jiangsu, Sichuan and Liaoning provinces respectively to achieve the "Golden Triangle" production layout, and set up overseas forest processing and production manufacturing bases in Indonesia.

Der Floor adopts world-class production lines from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries, and has established a leading wood research institute in the industry. At present, he has mastered more than 100 key technologies and participated in drafting a number of national standards for the flooring industry.

As a supplier of home decoration and public decoration flooring for the Beijing Olympic Games and a designated flooring supplier for the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Station, Der Floor currently serves as the Vice Chairman Unit of the China Forest Products Industry Association and the Director Unit of China Quality Wanlixing.


Founded in 1921, Vöhringer currently employs 330 people and produces in five main areas which are surface coating, furniture production, profiles / wrapping, polyurethane parts and lightweight construction innovations.

Manufacture of laminated panel materials, furniture parts and interior production, 35,000 m²area, 8 laminating systems with a capacity of up to 70,000 m²daily, Just-in-time logistics; Up to 20 trucks per day for Europe-wide delivery, Raw material warehouse, 15,000 m³of wood-based materials.

There is sales office called V-Group Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd in shanghai. The independent listed company Vohringer Home Technology Co., Ltd focuses primarily on high-quality, innovative parquet and laminate production for floors.


Founded in 1995, Power Dekor is a global professional China laminate flooring brands supplier and provider of wall panel. They leverage the sensibility of designers and the integration skills of engineers to understand and articulate abstract customer demands and complicated material and technological recipe into specific product solutions.

Sales network covers North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Middle East with over 3,000 flooring specialty stores across Asia, and over 5,000 big box and retail partners across North America.


Chinafloors is quickly becoming the leading China laminate flooring manufacturer. Founded in 2004 as a Belgian - Taiwanese joint venture based in Shanghai, Chinafloors has grown into "the flooring innovator in China". In producing high value added products at attractive prices and be able to offer unique value to customers worldwide.

New production facility in Jiashan (close to Shanghai) opened in June 2008.

Chinafloors has now grown into a big family headed by a mix of foreign and Chinese management staff, combining years of technical flooring expertise with.


Nature Floor, originated in 1995, who is one of the first China laminate flooring suppliers to start the production and sale of laminate flooring. It has a brand value of 76.687 billion yuan in 2021 and has been listed in the list of "Top 500 Asian Brands" for four consecutive years. In the past 28 years, natural floor has continued to innovate and develop, from the floor to wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes, wallpaper, wall cloth, wall panels, curtains, soft decoration, kitchen appliances, from the integration of doors and wall cabinets to environmental protection decoration, overall kitchen, whole house customization, gradually formed the entire big home industry closed loop, in the domestic more than 5,000 unified authorization, unified image of the terminal stores, output and sales in the forefront of the industry.

Carsem Floor website

Established in 2002, Carsem Floor started from impregnated décor paper production which is top layer of laminate flooring.

Carsem Floor began to produce laminate flooring from 2004, the factory’s business has grown rapidly in just a few years due to the excellent quality and services. Carsem Floor becomes one of the best China laminate flooring manufacturers.

Carsem Floor factory covers an area of 80000+ square meters, main products include SPC Flooring, MSPC Flooring, Waterproof Laminate Flooring, Mineral Fiberboard Flooring (MFB), Laminate Flooring, Vinyl flooring, WPC Flooring, Wall Panels etc.

80 units of hot press equipment 15 lines of extrusion production machinery which includes 5 lines for extruded registered emboss textures, 3 lines of UV coating, 6 sawing equipment from Germany Homag and Haokai. 5 painting lines for edge bevel treatment. 5 padding lines for flooring’s backing attachment.

Carsem products are selling to more than 60 different countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Korea, Chile, Australia, Middle east, South-east Asian countries etc.


ELEGANT LIVING, World-class expertise, national leading production capacity, ELEGANT LIVING presents the world with ultimate elegance in every aspect.

As a mature China laminate floor factory for more than 17 years, ELEGANT LIVING has a strong and integrated group structure of over 1800 employees, and a steadily increasing combined production capacity of more than 27 million square meters every year.

ELEGANT LIVING multiple manufacturing bases and professional development techniques enable them to meet international requirements in both quality as well as quantity.

With a firm belief in protecting the earth and reducing environmental pressures, ELEGANT LIVING has always been working on protecting the environment for the generations to come.


Kentier started with laminate floorings from 2003.

In 2006,Kentier began to produce engineered flooring and merged Anhui Wanhua Artificial Board Co.,Ltd;

In 2013,Kentier started to produce PVC&WPC flooring;

In 2015,Kentier had a CBA basketball team--Jiangsu Dragon;

In 2016,Kentier opened a new production line-SPC flooring;

In 2019,Kentier developed MGO series flooring to match bigger market.

For leading flooring manufacturing in China, Kentier becomes professional flooring solution supplier.


Founded in 2001, Shiyou Flooring is the only national quality award winner in the flooring industry. Since its establishment, Shiyou has adhered to the mission of "creating wood value and transmitting wood culture", adhered to the style of integrity and pragmatism, created value with products and services, and was a leader in high-quality life, and is committed to becoming the most influential wooden home furnishing brand. Shiyou flooring has three production bases, covering an area of 500 acres, with an annual production capacity of more than 26 million square meters.

At the beginning of 2019, it took the lead in upgrading the E0 standard of laminate flooring and opened the E0 standard line of laminate flooring.


Yangzi Floor, established in 2002.

It has been mainly focusing on the research and development of laminate flooring, hard wood flooring, engineered flooring, SPC flooring and MSPC with production capacity more than 30 million square meters per year.

Listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange Market (New Tech board No. 430539) as one of the top five laminate flooring manufacturers in China, Yangzi Floor owns more than 1400 domestic chain stores and 4 production bases covering a building area of over 200000 m2 with more than 3 dozens of advanced production lines.

This article is written by Carsem Floor (www.carsemfloor.com), one of the professional China laminate flooring manufacturers.

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