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What Does SPC Flooring Stand For ?

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What does SPC flooring mean?

SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite, features a core that is typically comprised of around 60% calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers and stabilizer. Density is about 2000kgs/M3, which is very strong and stable materials. It is 100% waterproof floating flooring.

SPC structure

What are the disadvantages of SPC flooring?


Not super scratch resistant;

Thinner material doesn't have as much cushioning underfoot, compared to a hardwood flooring or laminate flooring, WPC flooring;

Needs to be applied to a flat underground floor;

Cannot be installed in outdoor spaces;

Cannot be installed at shower areas;

Loud noise when there is no underlayment before installation, this is because the hard density of the material.

Heavy weight compared with vinyl flooring, WPC Flooring, laminate flooring and wood flooring.

What are the advantages of SPC flooring?


100% waterproof;

Formaldehyde Free;

No heavy metal when you buy SPC Flooring from qualified suppliers;

Strong click system when you buy SPC Flooring from good quality suppliers;

Anti-Slip as it is emboss textures;

Insect Prevention;
Mildew Proof;

As the high density materials, SPC Flooring is more better at impact resistance;

Compared to ceramic tiles, wood flooring, etc., D.I.Y installation is also a major trend in floor covering material;

Easy to clean & maintain.

Is SPC vinyl flooring good?

Ultra-durable: As density is higher, the material is heavier, the quality is better, that makes SPC flooring the most durable vinyl flooring option out there.

Realistic wood and realistic stone looks: Top-end vinyl floors mimic natural materials better than ever before. SPC vinyl is the cream of the crop, so the visuals are usually incredibly convincing and beautiful.

Is SPC Flooring better than LVT?

Dent Resistance – Traditional LVT floors are soft and pliable, which means heavy furniture can easily dent the material.

SPC core is more higher density, will be more resilient when it comes to dents and abuse. It is a great option for commercial settings due to this reason.

Can you use a steam mop on SPC flooring?

The answer is 'No'.

Steam cleaning is very handy as you are able to clean, sanitize and dry quickly all at once without using chemical cleaners. But, here's the catch… The hot steam is actually doing more harm to SPC flooring.The hot steam will be very hot more than 80 degree, it will easy to damage the surface and structure stability of SPC Flooring.

Is SPC Flooring good for living room?

What is your concerns for living room flooring ? Durability, longevity, and ease of installation?

If so, SPC flooring is a great choice. This luxury SPC flooring can reproduce the look of natural materials without the extra cost and upkeep.

Is SPC Flooring long lasting?

Durable and Long-lasting.

Don't be surprised to find SPC flooring can actually last 20 years over if it's well maintained. That is also why some big brands of SPC flooring is able to provide warranties of 15-20 years and above.

Is SPC Flooring better than tiles?

SPC flooring belongs to resilience material. Compared with tiles, it is comfortable and soft touch, and its thermal insulation property is also better. Meanwhile, its resilience is better than tiles, without cold feeling and with good feet feeling.

SPC Flooring is floating flooring with click system, which is suitable for D.I.Y installation, more easier installation than tiles;

SPC Flooring is not as heavy as tiles;

SPC Flooring is not as fragile as tiles, tiles normally needs more careful during transportation.

Do I need underlayment for SPC flooring?

Before installation, it is important that the sub floor is clean and free from dirt or debris.

SPC flooring core is very high density, it is very hard. Underlayment is necessary for installation when there is no underlayment on the back of SPC Flooring.

Underlayment can act as a buffer to reduce noise, as well as moisture-proof.

Can SPC flooring be used in kitchen?

SPC flooring is an excellent choice for the kitchen. All of our SPC flooring products are 100% waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.


Does SPC flooring fade?

While WPC, LVT and SPC floorings will eventually fade, they do not do so fast. As a matter of fact, these flooring score moderately when it comes to fade resistance. This is because they have a UV coating treatment that keeps their color from fading fast.

Is SPC flooring termite proof?

SPC flooring is not produced using any wood material, making it 100% termite proof and Insect Prevention.

Is Spc the same as LVP and vinyl flooring?

Similar to LVP/Vinyl flooring, SPC is a vinyl flooring material that has a rigid core made from powdered limestone, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers is also completely waterproof, resistant to scratches, easily installed and durable. All the decor films can be used for SPC as well as LVP and vinyl floorings.

SPC Flooring core is more high density, therefore, it is more harder;

LVP and vinyl flooring core is more soft;

SPC Flooring is floating click system flooring, therefore the thickness normally starts from 3.2mm;

LVP and vinyl flooring thickness normally starts from 2mm.

Who manufactures SPC flooring?


CARSEM FLOOR is the first group manufacturers to produce SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring in China.


Is SPC flooring good for bathrooms?

Unlike the standard vinyl flooring and hardwood floors, SPC has a 100% waterproof quality, contributing to its durability. It can also be comfortably installed in moisture-heavy areas like the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen but not shower area.

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