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What is SPC Flooring?

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SPC flooring is an upgraded engineered vinyl flooring. The invention of this innovative technology has had a profound impact in flooring industry.

This technology is the SPC core (rigid core) material production method, it is produced by extrusion, and density is higher than regular vinyl flooring, which is up to 2000kgs/M3.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Construction:

SPC structure

UV Layer-- UV layer is on the top, which is helpful on anti-scratch resistance, wear resistance, gloss level, sustain resistance, color fastness, anti-ultraviolet.

Wear Layer – The wear layer is good for wear resistance and anti-scratch resistance. When people said commercial use or home use, it depends on which weight wear layer is used on this flooring. When you need commercial use, you need choose heavier wear layer to make sure it is good at wear resistance.

Décor Film Layer – This is the design colors of spc flooring. Every factory has hundreds of color options to achieve different clients’ requirement, there are wood designs, tile designs, carpet designs , stone designs etc.

SPC Core – The SPC core is made by pvc resin, carbonate powder and stabilizers to create a dimensionally stable and waterproof core.

Attaching Underlayment – This is optional. Attaching underlayment is good for sound-isolation and softness of foot feeling, another, when the underground is not flat, underpayment is useful for installation, which can avoid height difference issue.

SPC Flooring's performance:

SPC vinyl is becoming one of the most popular floors to install for a variety of reasons.

100% virgin material:

It is produced by virgin raw materials, which is good for product safety and click strength.

100% waterproof


Some floorings such as hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, they can not be installed at high moisture places, spc flooring can be installed anywhere in the rooms.

Insect prevention, mildew proof:


No worry about the high moisture in the room, you can install spc flooring in anywhere according to your inquiry.

Better dimensional stability:


As it is new innovation technology, which makes the products more stable in high temperature and big temperature change condition.

Stronger click system

Benefit From Your Committed SPC Flooring Manufacturer1

As spc plank flooring's density is 2000kgs/M3, it is very strong core makes the click is very strong.

Recycled & ECO friendly

eco friendly

There is no formaldehyde, no heavy metal, VOC emission is very small, it is very friendly products for home decoration.

Easy for maintenance and cleaning


You needn’t spend time to do maintenance, wet mop is good enough to clean it the surface is dusty.



Before installing SPC vinyl flooring, the subfloor must be clean, dry, and leveled correctly. Normally you need lay underlayment on the underground which can avoid moisture issue, reduce noise and level the underground. From there, installation is a rather simple process.  

Most SPC vinyl planks simply click together though tongue and groove technology. No any glue need during the installation period.

Normally you need some skirtings after installation, such as wallboard, T-molding, Reducer, Starinose. The purpose of the skirtings are to beautify the joint part.

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