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What is the difference between SPC Flooring, WPC Flooring and Click LVT?

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They are all waterproof and click system flooring.

Difference on Structure

SPC Flooring Structure

SPC structure_副本

WPC Flooring Structure

LVT,WPC Structure_副本

LVT Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Structure

●  Difference on Production Equipment

SPC flooring: It is produced by extrusion equipment, therefore, the production speed is fast and more simple, which helps on saving production cost;

WPC Flooring: WPC basement is produced by extrusion as well, and PVC layer is produced by hot press machine, and then press PVC layer and WPC basement together in hot press machine. Production speed is slow and more complicated.

LVT Flooring: LVT flooring includes dry back, self-adhesive, loose lay and click system. They are all produced by hot press machinery in China. The production speed is between SPC and WPC flooring.

●  Difference on performance

Comparative Test Report
Product testing item Temperature of Oven Equipment (℃)
30 ℃ 40 ℃ 50 ℃ 60 ℃ 70 ℃ 80 ℃
direction long   side short   side long   side short   side long   side short   side long   side short   side long   side short   side long   side short   side
SPC shrinkage and expanding of size 0.000% -0.001% 0.010% 0.008% 0.000% 0.005% 0.000% 0.010% 0.023% 0.015% 0.022% -0.064%
PVC 0.000% -0.008% 0.060% 0.009% 0.035% 0.006% 0.045% -0.009% 0.050% 0.052% 0.074% 0.063%
WPC 0.000% 0.004% 0.030% 0.009% 0.073% 0.006% 0.102% 0.062% 0.257% 0.051% 1.288% 0.056%


  1. The testing sample is 25cm*25cm;

  2. Condition: put 3 product in the same Oven equipment with same temperature;

  3. with “-”means expanding, without “-”means shrinkage.

SPC flooring Click is much more stronger as the density is more which is about 2000kgs/M3;

SPC flooring's size stability is much better;

SPC flooring's production cost is less when it is same specification as Vinyl flooring and WPC Flooring;

SPC Flooring's surface is harder;

WPC Flooring looks more luxury as its regular thickness is more than SPC flooring and Vinyl Flooring;

WPC Flooring's density is about 900kgs/M3, therefore, it is good for transportation as it is not too heavy;

WPC flooring's dimensional stability is as not good as other two.

WPC Flooring and Vinyl Flooring's surface is more soft and friend touch feeling.

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