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Which is better WPC or SPC Flooring?

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While searching for the perfect vinyl flooring, you've probably come across the terms SPC and WPC Flooring as they are the most popular vinyl flooring all over the world. Wanting to learn the differences and compare SPC vs WPC Flooring? It is very necessary to read this article from a leading vinyl SPC Flooring manufacturer and WPC Flooring factory in China.

Both options are known for being 100% waterproof. SPC vinyl flooring is a newer product with a signature rigid core that is virtually indestructible. WPC Flooring has been the gold standard for vinyl flooring and features a waterproof core that's comfortable as well as functional.

Both are durable and stable, however SPC Flooring is more durable and dense overall due to its limestone composition. WPC Flooring is softer and quieter underfoot, while SPC flooring offers better resistance from scratches or dents.

on the surface, WPC and SPC Flooring look typically the same. But you will find the difference when you look into the core structure of each flooring.

Discover the pros and cons of SPC flooring and WPC flooring, learn how they're made, and even compare the cost, durability, and comfort.

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What Do SPC And WPC Stand For?

Before we discuss how these two floor types differ from each other, it is important that we understand what the initials stand for and, importantly, how each floor is constructed.

What is SPC Flooring?

What does SPC stand for in flooring? SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite. The flooring has a rigid core made of limestone (calcium carbonate), plasticizers, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

SPC Flooring consist of five layers:

SPC Flooring stand for

UV coating that prevents them from discoloration from the sun;

Wear layer that makes them stain– and scratch-resistant;

Vinyl layer usually printed with different colors and patterns;

SPC core made of limestone, PVC, and stabilizers; SPC core is Generally 80% Limestone 20% PVC polymer and is not "foamed" therefore has a higher core density, creating a more solid underfoot feel.

Underlayment layer is optional layer which is sound insulation moisture proof function.

Quality of each raw material is super important, you must find a good spc core flooring factory who can supply good quality materials SPC Flooring.

What is WPC Flooring?

What does wpc flooring stand for? WPC flooring means Wood Plastic Composite and its core comprises of recycled wood or wood-like materials, PVC, plasticizers, calcium carbonate, and a foaming agent.

WPC flooring consist of 3 layers:

WPC Flooring stand for

LVT(luxury vinyl tile) layer, normally thicknes is 1.5mm to 2mm. When you know LVT Flooring, you must understand the construction which are UV protection, wear and tear layer, decor film layer and PVC middle & bottom layer;

WPC core is enhanced with a foaming agent, making it slightly softer and more comfortable in addition to being completely waterproof. WPC core is Generally 50% Limestone 50% PVC polymer w/expanded polymer core creates a more comfortable under foot feel.

Backing padded layer. This is optional layer, which is sound insulation moisture proof function same as SPC Flooring.

What is the difference between wpc and spc vinyl flooring?

As stated, SPC and WPC Flooring  are very similar. Both are 100% waterproof, easy to install, and are built to stand the test of time. You also can find the difference when you compare from below different aspects:


When it comes to comfort and how the flooring feel underfoot, WPC flooring performs better. The limestone composite core in SPC flooring makes it strong and stable, also does make them feel hard underfoot, some people may find them a little uncomfortable.

Generally speaking, SPC flooring is usually thinner,thickness of SPC Flooring range normally between 3.2mm and 7mm (All professional spc click flooring factories can produce other thickness of SPC Flooring including but not limited to WPC vinyl plank flooring 9.5mm, 12mm spc flooring, ), and this plays a huge role in determining their level of comfort.

WPC Flooring's thickness range normally between 5.5 mm and 8 mm ( Carsem floor is one of the best WPC flooring suppliers in China, who also can manufactures thicker, such as 9mm WPC Flooring, 10mm WPC Flooring, 12mm WPC vinyl plank flooring), which makes them feel more cushioned when walked on.

Resilience And Durability

Both SPC and WPC flooring can withstand daily abuse and last for many years.

The top layer of WPC Flooring is LVT, which usually keep the planks quieter when stepped on, but will not be as dense as the stone core in SPC Flooring.

If you are looking for flooring that would be perfect for a commercial setting, SPC flooring would be a great option, as it can hold up extremely well in high traffic, please choose thicker and more wear resistance SPC Flooring from reliable commerical click spc flooring manufacturers. It would also be an amazing choice for rooms with heavy objects. This flooring can handle dings and scratches much better than WPC flooring.


Pets are becoming more important members of a family. Sometimes people have a headache when we choose the flooring, we hope that the floor can be cleaned well and also be friendly to animals. 

Both SPC and WPC Flooring have been found to be generally more pet-friendly than carpet or hardwood. WPC flooring, especially, is considered a better choice for pets because its core is not as hard as that of SPC flooring and it retains heat pretty well. WPC flooring will be more comfortable for pets to walk and nap on.

Unique Designs

SPC and WPC flooring gives you an opportunity to enjoy your favorite pattern of wood grain without having to incur the high price of buying natural wood.

Both SPC and WPC Flooring have wide range of design & color options, as they have the same layer.

When you want to check more SPC flooring colors, welcome to visit below link:


Also you can find wide range of options from below link from Carsem Floor:



SPC Flooring price is cheaper than WPC Flooring generally speaking when they are same thickness and wear resistance.

SPC Flooring's production efficiency is much higher and the production process is more simpler, therefore, SPC Flooring's cost is normally lower than WPC Flooring.

Carsem Floor is experienced WPC SPC flooring supplier in China with more than 20 years, we also prepare a chart below to list what is the difference between SPC and WPC flooring:

SPC vinyl plank flooring

WPC Vinyl flooring

The Winner

Material Cost

Efficient production speed and simpler production process makes SPC Flooring More affordable

More affordable than real tile and hardwood flooring, but slight expensive than SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

Touch Feeling

Rigid and dense, feel more hard and cold than WPC Flooring

More resilient underfoot, feel more warm than SPC Flooring

WPC Flooring

Application area

Basement, kitchen, bathroom, and commercial areas

Basement, kirtchen, bathrooms,all levels of residential use, light commercial areas

SPC Flooring




SPC Flooring

Dimensional stability in 80 degree with 6 hours

Manufacturing direction: 0.05;

Across-manufacturing direction: 0.03

Manufacturing direction: 0.86;

Across-manufacturing direction: 0.12

SPC Flooring

Curling in 80 degree with 6 hours



SPC Flooring

Moisture resistance

100% waterproof core

100% waterproof core

Same Level

Peel resistance(N/50mm)

Manufacturing direction: 75;

Across-manufacturing direction: 90

Manufacturing direction: 95;

Across-manufacturing direction: 90

WPC Flooring

Installation cost

4$~7$ per square foot, but it is not accurate as this cost depends on the country and areas.

4$~7$ per square foot, but it is not accurate as this cost depends on the country and areas.

Same Level

DIY friendly

Easy to D.I.Y installation;

Click system

Easy to D.I.Y installation;

Click system

Same Level

SPC vs WPC Flooring: which is better SPC or WPC flooring?

There is really not a clear answer when it comes to determining which flooring option is better. 

Carsem Floor is China SPC WPC flooring supplier who will give you suggestions as below: We can think from another aspect: which is better for the planned application as there are pro's and con's for both.

Before buying the flooring, you can compare the differences between them, and find which application is more important for you and then you may have a wise decision.

SPC rigid core flooring has an extremely sturdy core, which means it is more robust and more durable than WPC vinyl flooring.

If you are looking for something that can handle high traffic well, consider a stone plastic composite core is very important. While if you are more concerned about comfort, check out the thicker, more cushioned wood plastic composite core is necessary.

Below chart prepared by spc core flooring supplier and wpc flooring manufacturer - Carsem Floor, which may be helpful for your decision and choice.

SPC Floorings applications

WPC Floorings applications

All indoor areas except shower areas;

High traffic with kids/pets for residential;

Residential with flooring exposed to direct sunlight

Commercial and high traffic areas

Residential with low traffic

Residential with flooring not expoosed to direct sunlight

Light commercial whenever comfort under foot is important

When To Select SPC Or WPC Vinyl Flooring

In living area over an unheated floor such as in the basement, it is recommended to use WPC vinyl plank flooring for better sound insulation. Of course, if you choose WPC vinyl plank flooring with padding will have better underfoot feeling;

Gym at home: rigid core SPC flooring is better, as it's sturdier and more stable, you won't have to worry about dropping heavy weights.

Multi–level house: WPC waterproof vinyl flooring will fare much better, as WPC Flooring is more better performance on sound-insulation. Consider options with extra padding is necessary for added sound absorption.

Workshops: WPC plank flooring would be a more practical option, as it's more comfortable. However, if you are worried about dropping sharp or heavy pieces of equipment and denting the floor, SPC vinyl flooring will be better choice.

Tips For Buying SPC And WPC Flooring

Before buying you need to have a certain understanding of WPC Flooring price and SPC Flooring prices.To get the best value for money, go for planks that are generally thicker and whose wear and tear layer is thicker. It will make the flooring feel more comfortable underfoot and help it last longer.

Please note that you will find different names for these floors such as:

  • Rigid core vinyl planks

  • Enhanced vinyl flooring

  • Waterproof vinyl planks

  • Engineered vinyl flooring

You can read the information on the package and talk with sales people to understand what the core layer is made of.

Attached Underlayment choices

Some SPC Flooring and WPC Flooring attach underlayment, which to reduce sound insulation and anti-moisture, as well as better underfoot feel. 

Below introduction is from China SPC WPC flooring manufacturer - Carsem Floor, which will be helpful for your understanding WPC SPC Flooring underlayment:

Cork – All Natural, Sustainable,maintains gauge and acoustical integrity for the life of the floor.

EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility.

IXPE – Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyethylene, is a closed-cell foam that is 100% waterproof, and impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria. Offers superior acoustical ratings. Can be glued.

Many of the premium products offering the IXPE pad instead of the EVA or Cork options.

SPC Flooring pros and cons:

Pros of SPC Flooring:

  • High core density, SPC core is about 2000kgs/M3;

  • Lower cost than other vinyl flooring when it comes to the same thickness and wear resistance;

  • Higher thermal tolerance;

  • 3 reasons room

SPC Flooring disadvantages:

  • The SPC core is rigid and hard, which makes the SPC Flooring is less comfortable;

  • Noisier “Clicky”

  • Realism

WPC Flooring pros and cons:

Pros of WPC Flooring:

  • LVT top layer makes the WPC Flooring is more comfortable under foot and more resilient;

  • Warmer feel touching;

  • Typically quieter under foot;

  • Light weight;

WPC Flooring disadvantages:

  • Lower PSI than SPC Flooring;

  • Generally less stable in direct sunlight than SPC Flooring;

  • Dimensional stability and curling is not as good as SPC Flooring when the temperature is higher than 65 degree.

Understanding SPC and WPC vinyl flooring and the key differences that make each floor a more preferred option over the other can help you figure out which one would be the most appropriate for your project.

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