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What is MFB Flooring

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MFB Flooring, full name is Mineral Fiberboard Flooring, also be called IWF Flooring (Inorganic Waterproof Flooring). It is the most innovative waterproof flooring. It has the most stable performance. 

Below is the detailed introduction of MFB Flooring

MFB Flooring's Structure:

  • Max Diamond Layer

  • MFB Core

  • Rigid Tensile Layer

  • Underlayment (Optional)

MFB Structure

Max Diamond Layer is super hard décor layer containing high wear-resistant molecules, wear resistance is from AC3 to AC5.

MFB core is a new technology material, which includes Fiberglass, Epoxy resin powder, Isocyanate glue. MFB Core's Density: 1450kgs/M3.

Rigid Tensile Layer is to balance the full MFB plank and make the planks flat and straight.

Underlayment IXPE/EVA is recommended as it will upgrade the whole product quality and promote the image definitely.

Advantages of MFB Flooring :

  • 100% waterproof;

  • Fire Resiatance: B1-A1;

  • Extraordinary Dimensional Stability:  MFB Flooring is the best compared with other floorings such as SPC Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, MSPC Flooring and Laminate Flooring; MFB Flooring can be installed on large surfaces without transitions (10000ft2 / 1000m2 or 100ft/32m in either direction), suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens and sunrooms;

  • More stronger click system: as the density is higher than vinyl flooring, WPC Flooring as well as Laminate Flooring, as well as good thickness, MFB flooring's click system is super strong and easy to do D.I.Y installation;

  • Formaldehyde Emission: E0;

  • 100% PVC Free;

  • No PVC, no plasticizer, no harmful materials;

  • Super scratch resistance;

  • Super wear resistance;

  • Super anti-cigarette-burning;

  • Super stain resistance;

  • Pet-friendly;

  • Hundreds of colors & designs options

MFB Flooring's Installation & Room Scenes : 

K0155-11-             K0155-24-

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