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Luxury Spc Flooring

Known for being 100% waterproof with unparalleled durability, these engineered luxury vinyl planks use advanced technologies to beautifully mimic natural wood and stone at a lower price point. SPC's signature rigid core is virtually indestructible, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic and commercial environments.
  • Luxury Spc Flooring



Product Description

Luxury SPC Flooring's Structure:


Luxury Spc Flooring is 100% waterproof vinyl spc plank flooring. SPC Flooring is also called Plastic SPC Flooring as Flooring SPC core is made by combining a robust plastic composite with carbonate additives to forge the strongest possible core. 

UV Coating protects the surface of  SPC click flooring, has a significant effect on ultraviolet resistance and scratch resistance; 

Wear Layer plays a protective role on wear resistance. Widely used for commercial areas and residential areas,  such as 4mm rigid vinyl plank spc flooring for indoor residential; 8mm SPC Flooring for indoor commercial.

Decor film layer is the appearance of SPC Flooring's pattern and color. Such as SPC tile flooring, SPC wood flooring, SPC Flooring carpet designs.

SPC core is the most important layer. The core is rigid and stable to prevent expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity. 

Backing padding is optional choice. The pad materials can be EVA, IXPE and cork. It adds some amazing underfoot feeling, and it also adds some better sound absorption.

Luxury SPC Flooring's Specifications:


Luxury Spc Flooring

SPC Flooring Thickness 3.2mm - 12mm
Formula Resin PVC, Calcium carbonate(Grade A),Stabilizer(environmental) Usage
Indoor residential
UV Coating Options Ceramic Bead/Anti-microbial/Anti-Stain Backing options 1mm to 2mm SPC Flooring Underlayment
Wear Layer Options 0.3mm/0.5mm/0.7mm
Gloss Level
Matt, High Gloss 
Bevel treatment
Micro bevel, Painted bevel Certifications ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, Floor Score,VOC, Greenguard, Reach
Click system Options Angle-angle/Push-down/Fold-down  Packing Method
Carton, solid wood pallet
Available Sizes of SPC Plank Flooring China SPC wood flooring 1545mm x 182mm 
1220mm 180mm spc flooring
SPC Wood Flooring 1220mm x 165mm 
Luxury wood SPC flooring 915mm x 182mm 
610mm x 305mm  interlocking tiles SPC flooring
610mm x 457mm  SPC flooring tile
610mm x 610mm  SPC Flooring stone tile

Advantages of Luxury SPC Flooring:

  • 100% waterproof flooring;

  • 100% virgin material;

  • Insect prevention, mildew proof;

  • Better dimensional stability;

  • Nonslip;

  • Stronger click system;

  • Easy D.I.Y installation;

  • Easy to clean & Maintain.

  • Recycled & ECO friendly;

  • Fire resistance: Bf1-S1

More Luxury SPC flooring images: 

Hybrid flooring grey

Grey SPC Flooring

Oak Hybrid Flooring

SPC Flooring Oak 


Natural wood SPC Flooring

Hatton Oak Hybrid Flooring       Oak SPC Flooring

Dark Brown Hybrid Flooring

Dark Brown 

SPC Flooring

Dark Grey Hybrid Flooring

Dark Grey SPC Flooring

Hybrid Oak Flooring

Natural Oak SPC Flooring

Walnut Hybrid Flooring

Walnut SPC Flooring

Technical Data

As one of the most professional spc vinyl plank flooring supplier, Carsem Floor  manufactures and controls SPC Flooring quality strictly in accordance with international standard, even higher than the international standard.

Factory's Test ItemsFactory's StandardsTesting Method
Flaw, Crack, Wrinkle, Hold, SeparatingNot   AllowedGB4085-83
Color DifferenceTwo   Tones AllowedGB4085-83
Dirt, Color ChangeNot   Easily NoticeableGB4085-83
Length Measurement±   0.1mm(≤6")EN427
± 0.3mm(12" ~ 24")
± 0.5mm(≥36")
Overall Thickness±   0.15mmEN428
Physical Statistics
Dimensional Stability to Heat≤0.12%EN434
(80℃, 6Hrs)
Curling After Exposure To Heat≤1.2mmEN434
(80℃, 6Hrs)
Wear Resistance≤0.015gEN-660-2
Peel Resistance≥2.8Kgf/2cmEN431
Residual Indentation After Static Loading≤0.1mmEN434
FlexibilityNo   DamageEN435
All products comply to EN 14041:2004 Safety   Standards
Product SpecificationsStandardTesting   Method
Reaction to FireClass   Bf1-s1EN717-1
Formaldehyde EmissionNot   DetectedEN717-1
Determination of migration of heavy metalsNot   DetectedEN71
Effect of a caster chairPassEN425
Color Fastness to LightGrade(Blue   Wool Std):6EN   ISO 105 B02

Product Manufacturing

Carsem Floor is Experienced Luxury SPC Flooring Factory in China with 20+ Years. 

Our factory manufactures high quality vinyl SPC flooring, including different SPC flooring thickness such as China 4mm spc flooring, 4mm rigid spc flooring, click 5mm rigid spc flooring, 5mm waterproof spc plastic vinyl plank rvp flooring, luxury 6mm spc vinyl flooring plank, china 8mm spc flooring, china spc flooring 12mm and more.  


SPC Click Flooring's Extruding

2 hot press 2

SPC Click Flooring's Hot Pressing

3. UV coating

SPC Click Flooring's UV Coating


SPC Click Flooring's Cooling Down

4. Profiling

SPC Click Flooring's Click Production

5. Painting 2

SPC Click Flooring's Painted Bevel 

6. Underlayment 2

SPC Click Flooring's Padding

Learn SPC Flooring manufacturing3

SPC Click  Flooring's Package & Storage


Carsem Floor is vinyl spc flooring supplier, our factory has got different kinds of certificates and licenses as below which are very important our clients' marketing and reputation.










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