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Top 10 Waterproof Laminate Flooring Factories 2022

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The best waterproof laminate flooring guarantees won't absorb water when it is cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time. After continuous innovation and efforts of waterproof laminate flooring factories, the swelling rate has been improved from 8% to 5%, and then to 3%.

List the top 10 manufacturers of waterproof laminate flooring, help you choose the best waterproof laminate flooring.

Let's begin!

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Carsem Floor


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What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. The inner core layer is usually composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials which is called high density fiberboard.

What is Laminate Made Of ?

Laminate flooring is actually constructed of 4 layer: wear layer , decor paper layer, HDF core, and the balance layer. Each layer serves a distinct purpose and are fused together using high heat and intense pressure.

WPC flooring Structure

Wear Layer: top layer, which is a clear layer that is made of aluminum oxide that protects against fading, stains, and surface burns.

Decor paper Layer: It has a high-resolution photograph of the floor’s surface appearance.

HDF Core: It is a durable, high-density board that protects from indentations and moisture.

Balance layer: also called bottom layer, which is responsible for protecting the plank against moisture, and balances the floor.

waterproof laminate flooring - carsem floor

The History of Laminate Flooring

  • First HPL Laminate flooring was invented in 1977 by the Swedish company Perstorp, and sold under the brand name Pergo.

  • Laminate Flooring expanded through the market as a new flooring option in 1980s.

  • First Direct Pressure Laminate flooring was produced out in 1989;

  • More creative styles such as click system, tile designs came into the market in 1990s’;

  • Laminate Flooring came into USA market in 1994, came into China market in 1995;

  • More and more laminate flooring manufacturers appeared then;

  • New technology of sound reduction is available in 2000;

  • More improvement including registered embossment, stone texture, waxing, high wear resistance technology were created by Chinese laminate flooring manufacturers mostly from 2001 to 2005;

  • ECO- friendly and forest protection concept gets important, a number of environmental organizations have emerged to regulate the standards of laminate flooring from 2010 to 2012;

  • Laminate flooring manufacturers continues to make technological innovations in terms of Waterproof performance, natural appearance and easy installation.

laminate flooring history

China is the biggest laminate flooring manufacturing bases in the world out of Europe.

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Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof ?

Shortly speaking, regular laminate flooring is not waterproof, but Fully Waterproof Laminates do exist.

There are kinds of laminate flooring in the market after decades technology improvement.

Carsem Floor produces waterproof laminate flooring, which thickness swelling is only 3%~5%. Carsem Floor also supply 5mm waterproof laminate flooring, which is very affordable cost.

Below is the comparison of different types of laminate flooring.

Type of Laminate Flooring

Thickness Swelling

Available Thickness

Regular Laminate Flooring



Water Resistant Laminate Flooring


8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Waterproof Laminate Flooring


8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Carsem Waterproof Laminate Flooring


5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

158-4 (2)         158-4

How Waterproof is It?

Some products marketed as waterproof laminate floors will only survive casual exposure to liquids, spills, accidents, etc, please note that it is just water-resistant laminate flooring.

Please make sure to know the thickness swelling, 3%~5% swelling will be super clear and understandable that it is waterproof laminate flooring.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring vs. Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring

Different HDF Core Material, different treatment on the 4-sides click system and different surface treatment lead to different water-resisting property.

Waterproof laminate means that the water will never be able to penetrate the flooring;

Water-resistant laminate typically means that there is a top surface that is highly resistant to moisture. So, if you can't get to a spill right away, the water-resistance will help you buy some time before it soaks through.

Fully Waterproof Laminate is Protected on All Sides

The best waterproof laminate flooring is protected on all sides with specialty sealants as well as low swelling HDF materials. Find a reliable waterproof laminate flooring manufacturer is very important as the importance of high technology and advanced equipment.

Remember: Unless Your Laminate is Protected on All Sides, It’s Only Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring.

How to You Install Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is floating flooring, it is very easy to install waterproof laminate flooring. Different kinds of click systems in the market including angle-angle,fold-down,push-down, 5Gi from uniclic, valinge and I4F.

Make sure the underground is flat and dry before installation. For more detailed installation guideline, please visit our links.


Advantages of Waterproof Laminate Flooring

  • High wear resistance AC4 to AC5;

  • Super scratch resistance;

  • Waterproof laminate flooring can be installed any areas indoor excluding shower area;

  • Easy to install, care and maintain;

  • ECO Friendly;

  • Super durable. Lifetime residential use and 5 & 10 years commercial use.

  • Pet Friendly. No worry about your Pet’s urine, feces, easy to clean up.

Disadvantages of Waterproof Laminate Flooring

  • Waterproof Laminate Flooring Cannot Be Refinished

  • Waterproof Laminate Flooring might Look Like Hardwood, but It’s Not Real Wood;

  • Laminate Flooring Isn’t always the Most Comfortable Under Your Feet compared with carpet, luxury vinyl flooring. If you use high-quality underlayment, it will be a bit more comfortable.

  • Can't Put Waterproof Laminate Outdoors.

88112L-008铺装                      waterproof laminate flooring - carsem floor

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Top 10 Waterproof Laminate Flooring Factories 


classen floor

CLASSEN was established in 1963 in Kaisersesch, Germany, where one of the Classen factories, as well as the head office of the company are located. The second German factory is located in Baruth. In the Polish market the company entered  in the year 1990, as Gorex Sp.zo.o., and in 1996 it was transformed into Classen-Pol S.A.

Since 2005 the company has own manufacturing facilities in Zwonowice near Rybnik (Silesian Voivodeship). Thanks to this investment, over 500 people have been hired. The production lines and warehouses encompass the area of 46 000 sq m. The factory produce interior doors,fronts, skirtings and kitchens. The Polish head office serves Eastern Central European market.

v Pergo’s origins begin at the world-renowned Perstorp AB in Sweden, which began manufacturing high quality decorative laminate in the early 1950’s. A pivotal acquisition in 1974 became the start of what would soon develop into a never before seen category in the flooring industry - Laminate flooring.



Pergo's origins begin at the world-renowned Perstorp AB in Sweden, which began manufacturing high quality decorative laminate in the early 1950's. A pivotal acquisition in 1974 became the start of what would soon develop into a never before seen category in the flooring industry - Laminate flooring.



The first EGGER chipboard plant in St. Johann in Tirol in 1961.

At that time 30 m3 of chipboard a day were produced at the St. Johann plant in Tirol. Today, our 20 plants make this quantity of wood-based materials in less than 2 minutes.



Each FAUS floor masterpiece has been created with care by hand to last over time while maintaining its natural beauty and simplicity.

We invest all our resources and efforts in designing each detail of each piece, applying unique manufacturing technologies and selecting each material with the highest technical rigor.

The result obtained are inimitable decorative solutions (supreme, unmatched, incomparable), exclusive and with a high degree of sophistication.

 Carsem Floor

carsem 2

Carsem Floor is a professional waterproof laminate flooring factory and supplier with 20+ years. As a leading waterproof laminate flooring manufacturer, our factory is committed to providing a safe, healthy, natural and quality living environment and aesthetic experience Waterproof laminate flooring, High Quality and Best Price !

High Quality Manufacturing At Scale

80000+ square meters plant area.  1,000,000+ sqm monthly adequate production capacity.

Building a competitive advantage through controlled quality

we have a whole set of quality management system to guarantee the quality of our products as well as efficient after sale service.

Customized OEM/ODM Service

We can design logo and package for our consumers, print your logo on each piece of laminate flooring as well.

Sample Kits and Promotion Material Support

All consumers who order waterproof laminate flooring from us, we supply samples kits or display boards samples free of charge for marketing support.

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 Power Dekor


Founded in 1995, Power Dekor is a global professional China laminate flooring brands supplier and provider of wall panel. They leverage the sensibility of designers and the integration skills of engineers to understand and articulate abstract customer demands and complicated material and technological recipe into specific product solutions.

Sales network covers North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Middle East with over 3,000 flooring specialty stores across Asia, and over 5,000 big box and retail partners across North America.

 China Floors


Chinafloors is quickly becoming the leading China laminate flooring manufacturer. Founded in 2004 as a Belgian - Taiwanese joint venture based in Shanghai, Chinafloors has grown into "the flooring innovator in China". In producing high value added products at attractive prices and be able to offer unique value to customers worldwide.

New production facility in Jiashan (close to Shanghai) opened in June 2008.

Chinafloors has now grown into a big family headed by a mix of foreign and Chinese management staff, combining years of technical flooring expertise with.



ELEGANT LIVING, World-class expertise, national leading production capacity, ELEGANT LIVING presents the world with ultimate elegance in every aspect.

As a mature China laminate floor factory for more than 17 years, ELEGANT LIVING has a strong and integrated group structure of over 1800 employees, and a steadily increasing combined production capacity of more than 27 million square meters every year.

ELEGANT LIVING multiple manufacturing bases and professional development techniques enable them to meet international requirements in both quality as well as quantity.

With a firm belief in protecting the earth and reducing environmental pressures, ELEGANT LIVING has always been working on protecting the environment for the generations to come.



Kentier started with laminate floorings from 2003.

In 2006,Kentier began to produce engineered flooring and merged Anhui Wanhua Artificial Board Co.,Ltd;

In 2013,Kentier started to produce PVC&WPC flooring;

In 2015,Kentier had a CBA basketball team--Jiangsu Dragon;

In 2016,Kentier opened a new production line-SPC flooring;

In 2019,Kentier developed MGO series flooring to match bigger market. For leading flooring manufacturing in China, Kentier becomes professional flooring solution supplier.

 Senhong Floors


As years of research and development have been done, we are proud to tell that Senhong floor innovates a brand-new product that represents a new generation of flooring. Waterproof laminate flooring goes beyond the current flooring that it preserves the natural appearance of the wood floor, and improves the ability of waterproof.

More Questions You May Concern

Still have questions about choosing and maintaining the best waterproof laminate flooring? Let's go over some common FAQs to see if we can answer them.

1. Can Waterproof Laminate Flooring Be Mopped?

Again: we're going back to the "remember to double-check your warranty info and care instructions" recommendation. But yes, in general, you should be able to.

2. How Long Do Waterproof Laminate Floors Last?

Quality waterproof laminate floors should last around 25 years, but a lot of factors can go into this (upkeep, brand, product, etc.).

However, many high-end brands offer lifetime residential warranties. So: it's possible that these products could last much longer.

That said, if you want something that's going to last for generations, maybe think about buying hardwood floors instead. Some of the most durable wood flooring options aren't that much different from laminate floors in terms of hardness, and they can be refinished indefinitely.

3. Will Laminate Flooring Add Value to Your Home?

This is a subjective question through and through. Some buyers love the idea of laminate floors because they're durable and easier to maintain; others prefer the real thing.

Generally speaking, we'd probably say that laminate floors are more valuable than other “budget” floors. If you're comparing laminate vs. linoleum (or laminate vs. sheet vinyl), laminate probably offers more resale value.

4. Can I Install Laminate Flooring Over Existing Floors?

This is another one of those“check the warranty first" questions, but in general, you should be able to install laminate waterproof flooring over existing floors. It really depends on the product, though.

Of course, the standard option would be to install it over the subflooring (and what is subflooring?) rather than an existing surface.

5. How Do I Get Stains Out of Laminate Floors?

If you have true laminate waterproof flooring, stains shouldn't be a problem. However, if they do occur, we would recommend looking to your product's warranty and/or care instructions.

We would not recommend trying to remove stains from laminate the same way you might bleach wooden floors. Bleach is a potent chemical that will ruin a laminate floor's protective layer. And the sad truth is that getting stains out of laminate is really not all that possible.

6. How Long Can Water Be on Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

It completely depends on the product. True waterproof laminate flooring will give you a this-floor-will-survive-standing-water-for-X-amount-of-hours number, but most laminate floors should be dried ASAP.

If you need something that can survive standing water indefinitely, like for a shower or pool, you might want to compare the perks of buying tile vs. laminate. Tile's definitely the better option for wetter applications.

7. What Happens if Regular Laminate Flooring Gets Wet?

Even the best hardwood floors can’t stand up to liquids, and laminate is no different. Ordinary laminate flooring is absolutely ruined by water. Basically, liquids penetrate the finish or wear layers of the floor, seeping into the core layers where those fibers expand. Eventually, this will lead to warping and cracks.

8. How Do You Install Laminate Floors?

As we mentioned above, waterproof laminates are almost always installed as click- or snap-together floors. This installation style creates a surface seal, making it harder for water to seep between planks.

If that sounds odd to you, don't worry—click-together or “floating” setups are some of the most common installation styles these days. And as an added bonus, floating floors make for some of the easiest flooring to install—either for professionals or do-it-yourself flooring aficionados.

And what is a floating floor, exactly? It's simply a floor that rests on top of the subfloor without being attached. Again: if you haven’t looked into buying a floor before, we know this sounds weird, but really—the disadvantages of floating floors are minimal. After all, it's 2022—even magnetic flooring is a thing now!

9. Can You Refinish Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Sadly, you can't refinish any kind of laminate flooring like you might refinish bamboo flooring (or hardwood, of course). And speaking of which: for a full breakdown of how bamboo stacks up against laminate, check out bamboo flooring vs. laminate.

10. Is Laminate Eco-Friendly?

This is a tricky question. Composite products aren't generally considered the most eco-friendly flooring. But as we mentioned before, laminate is greener than vinyl plank. If you want super green flooring, though, something like sustainable wood flooring or hemp flooring might be the better option.

Silver lining: you can find completely non-toxic laminate flooring products that are waterproof.

11. Can You Make Water-Resistant Laminate Waterproof?

In theory, yes—but in actuality, no. Or rather, not unless you have an entire flooring factory at your disposal.


While it can be a little more expensive than ordinary laminate, there's no question that waterproof laminate flooring offers a huge upside. You can put it anywhere in your home and there's little reason to worry. Plus, more and more of the best laminate flooring brands are starting to make it, which is always a good sign.

And, of course, it compares favorably with other waterproof hardwood floor alternatives like luxury vinyl flooring. At the end of the day, you can always count on luxury vinyl flooring to offer a completely waterproof alternative to laminate flooring made from synthetic materials. So if you are someone looking for waterproof (not water-resistant) flooring for a basement or similarly high-moisture area, then luxury vinyl flooring might be a better choice. It really comes down to preference and budget. Whatever flooring you choose, remember to include a vapor barrier beneath to reduce the amount of moisture reaching your flooring from your subfloor..

Our big advice here: check warranties before you purchase. Remember: there's a big difference between water-resistant laminate and waterproof laminate, and it's important to know which is which. When in doubt, see what the product you're interested in is guaranteed to cover.

We know that can be a hassle, though, which is why we also recommend shopping somewhere people actually know the products—i.e. an actual well-reviewed flooring store rather than a big box store.

Whatever you choose, thank you for reading! We hope this article was helpful, and as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

In the meanwhile, good luck on your flooring search and, for more info on all things floors, check out:






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