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What is MSPC Flooring?

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MSPC Flooring Definition

MSPC, Melamine Stone Plastic Composition, as well as MVP (Melamine Vinyl Plank), it is super anti-scratch and waterproof SPC Core flooring with melamine surfaces, which is an new technology and innovative flooring. An aluminum oxide finished overlay surface, protects against scratches and daily wear and tear. So, the overlay has better wear resistant performance than the PVC coating. It also slows the process of fading due to sunlight.

Compared with SPC Flooring, MSPC Flooring is engineered luxury vinyl combining limestone and stabilizers, creating a tremendously durable and rigid core. Top layer of MSPC Flooring is melamine paper, tops layer of SPC Flooring is film paper.

In simple terms, "antiscratch" is a term used in the context of resisting unrecoverable damages is used. Wear resistant is an indicator for wear layer performance.

MSPC Flooring Structure

MSPC FLOOR, that is, Melamine SPC Floor. It has three layers normally.

The top layer is impregnating paper which is super anti-scratch after special treatment. The paper design is same as laminate floor, which has been popular more than 30 years.

The core is SPC white core, 100% virgin material, greater stability and flexibility than WPC or LVT Floor.

The bottom layer is balance paper. Balance layer is helpful in balancing the internal strength of the three layers in case of curling problems. It comes in different colors, beige,brown, red and other colors can also be customized.

Underlayment layer is optional. Materials are IXPE, EVA and cork, can absorb sound, reduce noise, leveling, as well as moisture proof. This is recommended as it will upgrade the whole product quality and promote the image definitely.

MSPC structure

Tell me the difference between laminate flooring, SPC flooring and MSPC flooring?

Why do people like laminate flooring?

Laminate can weather high traffic with minimal damage, can offer UV resistance and can be waterproofed. It also does not scratch or discolor as easily as hardwood floors. Affordable and easy installation: Laminate floors are affordable compared to other flooring options and can easily be installed as a DIY project.

There's no longer any need to scrunch up your nose at the mention of laminate flooring. Today, laminate is one of the best options for floors that are good-looking, economical, and quick to install in both living and commercial properties. Briefly, laminate flooring is made up of a particleboard wood base topped by a decorative layer and then a transparent wear layer. The material has plenty of other alluring features that will easily convince you to consider it as a top choice for flooring.

Laminate floors are susceptible to moisture damage so it's best to keep it out of bathrooms and laundry rooms where there's a constant risk of flooding. However, here are three surprising moist places where you can use laminate:

Use it in a basement if it's appropriately installed with a vapor barrier.

Use it in a powder room though there's a minimal risk if water seeps under the flooring.

Use it in a kitchen if the laminate is installed with tight seams and finished edges.

Fast Installation

Installing laminate is lightening fast, which means you can install a room of laminate flooring in a day. There's no messy clean up because there's no need to mix grout or mortar. Laminate is like a puzzle; you can cut a laminate plank to fit using a light-duty circular saw, or even a hand saw. When laminate is tightly installed, the floor has a smooth and flawless finish.

Do It Yourself

Because it's so easy to install, laminate flooring is the perfect DIY job, even for beginners. Laminate is thin and flexible so your subfloor needs to be flat and level before you can lay laminate. But if your sub-floor is free of imperfections, the laminate goes down quickly with few complications.

It Uninstalls Fast

It's easy to put down and to pull up if you want to update your flooring. Since it's a floating floor, laminate is not attached to the subfloor so there's no labor-intensive scraping off of mortar or adhesive. The most complicated part of uninstallation you'll need to do is to remove any baseboards and shoe molding which hold down the edges of the floor. Then, uninstallation is as fast as taking an unglued jigsaw puzzle apart piece by piece.

Laminate's base of high-density fiberboard gives the floor a subtle, barely perceptible bounce and "gives" more than hard floor coverings like stone, ceramic, porcelain, or concrete. However, if the floor is spongy after installation, it needs troubleshooting.

High Durability

Laminate flooring is often perceived as flimsy, but that's not true. In fact, laminate flooring can be more stable than hardwood. While solid hardwood flooring is beautiful and long-lasting, it can warp, natural stone and ceramic tile can crack, and even engineered wood's thin veneer layer can eventually wear down to its plywood base.

The construction of laminate makes it ultra-durable. Laminate has a thin, transparent wear layer which makes the floor strong and scratch-resistant. Drop a glass bottle on laminate flooring and there is a good chance that it will bounce versus shatter as it would on tile or stone.

Easy Cleaning

The best laminate floor installations will have tight seams that cannot trap debris. But even small puddles of water should be avoided on laminate floors. The best cleaning method for laminate flooring is a damp cloth or a spray mop. A wet mop is not recommended because water can infiltrate even the thinnest hairline cracks.

Design Upgrades

Older technology made laminate flooring appear fake when it tried to mimic the look of natural materials. Today's laminate manufacturers have developed products with greater surface texture and visual appeal.

More Wood Species

Laminate is better at mimicking conventional species like oak, birch, maple, and cherry. Now laminate comes in more unusual species, such as teak and mahogany, including variations such as aged, antiqued, and hand-scraped wood looks.

More Size Options

Conventional laminate planks of 3 1/2 inches are still popular. Sizes of planks have expanded. You can buy laminate planks in widths that measure up to 7 3/4 inches.

Better Surface Embossing

Embossing is the manufacturing technique that presses a wood-grain texture into the surface of the laminate. Deeper embossing, available on premium lines, offers more realistic-looking boards.

What's the advantage of SPC flooring?

Because the dense core of SPC flooring is more resistant to expansion and contraction. Since SPC floors are processed from PVC and a large amount of lime powder, they have a dense core, which makes them more resistant to damage caused by impact or heavy objects.


SPC flooring that is well-installed is almost seamless which makes it difficult for water to sips in as it is water resistance material. This interesting benefit allows it to be installed in almost every area of your house including the bathroom and laundry area.


Generally, SPC flooring is way more affordable than hardwood flooring and yet it’s able to provide the same natural wood-look effect you desire. The installation cost is also inexpensive. You can even save up the labor cost by going DIY the installation. Needless to say, it is definitely an alternative to expensive wood flooring.

Real Wood-like Design

A timeless design mimicking the beauty of nature is in fact what makes SPC flooring so popular. Some brands are even able to achieve the real-wood likeliness that is difficult to tell the difference from far. You can proudly say that it is a “wood” flooring without all the drawbacks of real wood.

Wide Range Of Style And Selections

This huge variation of styles gives you abundant freedom to come out with the pattern and arrangement you like. If you are a risk-taker, have fun mix-and-match with different colors to create your desired look. Just let your creativity flow!

Able To Sustain High Traffic

Don’t be surprised that SPC flooring is able to handle high traffic activity better than another type of flooring. In fact, this feature is one of the main reasons why SPC flooring is so popular. It can sustain lots of foot traffic which is very suitable for large families or active people.

Durable And Long-lasting

Don’t be surprised to find SPC flooring can actually last 20 years over if it’s well maintained. The quality range of SPC and ways of manufacture are the determining factors of how well your SPC flooring lasts. Speaking of quality, here are the SPC material with a prominent durable feature that you should not miss.

Not easily stained and scratched

SPC flooring is extremely durable and able to sustain a high traffic environment. These features allow it to be widely used in commercial areas like offices, retail shops, and restaurants.

Pet lovers shouldn’t be worried about your flooring as it is also not easily stained and scratched.

Not just that, certain brands provide years of warranty for it which makes it even more ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.

Sound Proof

These special features absorb noise from outside helps make you’re surrounding a peaceful and serene place to stay. With the feature of reducing indoor noise, you will not have to worried if your neighbors were affected by any noise.

Stain Resistant

There is one type of SPC flooring that is famously known for stain-resistant. It’s the printed SPC tiles or sheets. The theory behind this is the wear layer on the SPC surface that acts as a protective barrier against spillage and stains.

Since not all type of SPC flooring has strong stain-resistant, you might want to avoid composite or solid SPC if this feature is your main concern.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

If you are not a homemaker or not having much time for house chores, SPC flooring might be what you need. All you have to do is to sweep and damp mop occasionally and it will be sufficient to keep your house clean.

Even if you found any damaged pieces or tiles, you can simply replace each individual piece without having to remove the entire flooring. You will soon find that maintaining the condition of SPC flooring is much easier compared to other types of flooring.


Wear resistant




Fire resistant


Installation Method

Laminate Flooring








SPC Flooring


















MSPC Flooring









What makes Melamine Stone Plastic Composite (MSPC Flooring) unique?

MSPC Flooring planks have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage, and an incredibly rigid core providing a long-lasting, dependable flooring surface.

MSPC Flooring is good at scratch resistance performance. Briefly speaking, by anti-scratch, we mean its ability to resist unrecoverable scratches. Wear-resistant refers to its wear layer performance. The thicker wear layer floor has, the more wear-resistant.

MSPC Flooring inheriting performance of wear-resistant & scratch-resistant, more clear patterns, and various colors.

The unique structure makes it an ideal choice in various of environment and application scenarios, such as homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public buildings, supermarkets, commercial settings, stadiums and other venues, due to its high durability, long-life, and ease of maintenance.

Special surface treatments, like a glossy embossing bring to life the true–to–nature ceramic and marble–like textures and surfaces.

The rigid SPC core makes the MSPC Flooring is totally waterproof. Besides, the high-quality guaranteed also allows it to be applied to higher-demand of commercial places.

Thanks to durability and waterproof performance, MSPC flooring  can replace traditional wooden flooring such laminate flooring and ceramic tiles. This has become the industry consensus. MSPC flooring itself is a cross-border product.


What's the advantages of MSPC flooring?

  • The SPC floor is derived from the PVC floor. The perfect fusion of stone powder and resin powder makes the SPC floor stronger by extrusion. The pure PVC wear-resistant layer on the surface is also adequately protected. The most perfect is that it is completely waterproof, can also be installed in the bathroom, kitchen. Thousand of designs/colors option from wood, carpet to ceramic, tile can be chosen from. Various surface texture treatments can also meet the requirements of different consumers.

  • Wear-resistance. MSPC Flooring's good performance at wear-resistance, which can be installed in high traffic areas such as mall, hospital, stores etc.

  • Burning-cigarette dropping protective. Although it is not suggested to smoke in room, a burning-cigarette dropping protective ground solution provides your house property with safety from fire risks.

  • Easy installation & Warm Touch. Click system of MSPC Flooring makes the installation more easier and simple.  Feeling warmer and softer, underfoot is great for bare feet, crawling kids and pets.

  • Ultra-scratch resistant.  The unique construction of enhanced urethane coating helps MSPC Flooring resist scratches and wear.



NO delamination
Toxic element test IEC 62321 Pass
Formaldehyde test EN 717-1:2004 ND
Nonskid property EN 14041:2004 Pass
Water tightness test EN 14041:2004 Pass
Flaw,   Crack, Wrinkle, Hold, Separating GB4085-83 Not Allowed
Color Difference GB4085-83 Two Tones   Allowed
Dirt, Color Change GB4085-83 Not Easily   Noticeable
Length Measurement EN427 ± 0.1mm(≤6")
± 0.3mm(12" ~ 24")
± 0.5mm(≥36")
Overall Thickness EN428 ± 0.15mm
Squareness EN427 ≤0.25mm
Straightness EN427 ≤0.25mm
Dimensional Stability to Heat EN434 0.35%
(70℃, 24Hrs)
Curling After Exposure To Heat EN434 1.0mm
(70℃, 24Hrs)
Wear Resistance EN-660-2 ≤0.015g
Scratch resistance EN16094 MSR-A1
Peel Resistance EN431 ≥2.8Kgf/2cm
Residual Indentation After Static Loading EN434 ≤0.1mm
Flexibility EN435 No Damage
Reaction to Fire EN717-1 Class Bf1-s1
Flame rating EN 13501-1:2018 Bf1-S1
Formaldehyde   Emission EN717-1 Not Detected
Determination of migration of heavy metals EN71 Not Detected
Effect of a caster chair EN425 Pass
Effect of a furniture leg EN424-2002 Pass
Color Fastness to Light EN ISO 105 B02 Grade(Blue Wool Std):6

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